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Hennepin County volunteer manual

Message from Hennepin County Administrator

Dear Volunteer,

On behalf of the Board of Commissioners and employees, welcome to Hennepin County. I want to thank you for your willingness to serve as a volunteer.

Last year over 3,000 volunteers served in a variety of assignments. Volunteers help the county achieve its mission to enhance the health, safety and quality of life of our residents and communities in a respectful, efficient and fiscally responsible way.

The Hennepin County Volunteer Manual contains general policies and procedures that set standards and expectations for volunteers in all county departments. During your onboarding you will also learn about additional policies and procedures specific to the department in which you are serving.

We appreciate that you have chosen Hennepin County as a place where you want to volunteer your time. Your commitment is valuable to us and all of the residents of the county. With your help, we can make a difference in the lives of the many people we serve.

— David J. Hough, County Administrator

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Community Corrections and Rehabilitation

Program Name Email Phone number
Adult Correctional Facility Susan Thornton 612-596-0060
Adult Field Services/Adult Probation
Juvenile Probation
Barbara Ritchie 612-348-6893
County Home School
Juvenile Detention Center
Lois Mineau 612-348-3894
Mentors for Success Joseph Durocher 612-596-1687

Environment and Energy

Program Name Email Phone number
Master Recycler Kaitlin Steinberg 612-348-6846
Stream, River, Wetlands Evaluation Mary Karius 612-596-9129
Fix-It Clinics Nancy Lo 612-348-9195
Hennepin County Tree Stewards Shane DeGroy 612-543-3697

Human Services and Public Health

Program Name Email Phone number
Health & Human Services Kim LaRosa 612-348-8048
Health & Human Services Shira Rabinowicz 612-348-5835
Medical Reserve Corps
of Hennepin County
Trent Daugherty 612-382-8666
Office of Multicultural
Angela Alberio 612-348-6622


Program Name Email Phone number
Library Volunteers Barbara McKenzie 612-543-8579
Library Volunteers Husein Yussuf 612-543-8817

Emergency Management

Program Name Email Phone number
 Emergency Management Pam Darnell 612-900-8028

Transportation (Roads and Bridges)

Program Name Email Phone number
Adopt-A-Highway Brant Kough 612-596-0338
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