West Broadway Avenue Bridges reconstruction

County Road 81 in Minneapolis and Robbinsdale

Hennepin County, in coordination with Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and cities of Robbinsdale and Minneapolis, is developing a preliminary design plan for the reconstruction of the West Broadway Avenue Bridges (County Road 81) in Robbinsdale and Minneapolis.

As part of this project, we are also looking into opportunities to make improvements at the intersection below the bridges connecting Theodore Wirth and Victory Memorial parkways, as well as Oakdale and Lowry avenues (County Road 153).

Construction is anticipated to begin in Summer or Fall 2020.

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Project information

Reconstruction area

Hennepin County is in the planning stage to reconstruct the West Broadway Avenue Bridges.

There are three bridges that will be included in the project: one for northbound traffic, one for southbound traffic and one connecting from Lowry Avenue to West Broadway Avenue. This project also offers the opportunity to make improvements to the intersection below connecting Theodore Wirth and Victory Memorial parkways, as well as Oakdale and Lowry avenues.

Construction is anticipated to begin in Fall 2020.


The new bridges and intersection will include:

  • Infrastructure improvements, including new concrete bridges, paved roadway, curbs and gutters, and underground utility lines
  • Bike and pedestrian improvements, including Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliant ramps, added trails, sidewalks and on-street bikeways, and an expanded trail connection between Lowry and West Broadway avenues
  • Safety improvements, including shorter crosswalk distances at the intersection, added lighting underneath the bridge and realigned lanes at ramp connections to improve sight distance, and allow for safer merging

Public involvement

Thank you for your feedback!

We thank everyone who participated in the survey on how to make the bridges and intersection below work better for your community.

Below are some key findings based on 387 survey responses and feedback.

Through the survey, we found more than 51 percent of respondents walk, roll and/or bike to travel through the intersection.

When asking about concerns of the current bridges and intersection, more than 78 percent mentioned one of these three concerns. Shown in this graphic, top concerns were:

  • Intersection safety
  • Pedestrian and bicycle safety
  • Bridge and intersection connections

Top concerns about the bridge and intersection

View the full summary of the survey results (PDF).

Preliminary design available

Using your feedback, we created preliminary designs with community-focused improvements for the new bridges and intersection.

Some of the improvements include:

  • Shortened trail crossings providing safer intersection crosswalks for people walking, biking and rolling.
  • Redesigned ramp connections allowing for improved sight distance and safer merging.
  • Improved trail connections providing additional access for people walking, biking and rolling to regional trails nearby.

Details of proposed improvements can be found on the link below:

Community focused improvements (PDF)

View of the intersection from Oakdale Avenue

View of the preliminary intersection design from the Oakdale Avenue rendering (PDF)

View of the intersection from Theodore Wirth Parkway

View of the preliminary intersection and bridge design from the Theodore Wirth Parkway rendering (PDF)

Join us in the community

See preliminary designs and meet project staff

We have been active in the local community since early June, participating in events like the Jordan Week of Kindness Victory Neighborhood Ice Cream social and Live on the Drive. We met area residents like you to share proposed improvements and answered questions.

You will continue to see us out in the community and at events, including a project open house, to meet with project staff and learn more about the project. Event updates will be posted on this page.

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