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Webber 44 corridor reconstruction

County Road 152 in North Minneapolis

Hennepin County, in coordination with the City of Minneapolis and Metro Transit, is reconstructing County Road 152 in North Minneapolis. This will include a segment of 44th Avenue, Webber Parkway and a segment of Lyndale Avenue North, hence the short name of "Webber 44" for the name of this project.

Construction started in April 2021.

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Webber 44 project nears completion

Webber Parkway and Lyndale Avenue scheduled to reopen in late October

Reconstruction is nearly complete on Webber Parkway (County Road 152) and Lyndale Avenue (County Road 152) in North Minneapolis. 

Crews have made significant progress over the past few months reconstructing both segments and are finishing up construction activities in the area.  

All this progress means we will soon reopen Webber Parkway and the northbound Lyndale Avenue lanes. We are excited for you to experience all the improvements made to both segments. 

However, crews still have work to complete during the next three to four weeks, including: 

  • Paving the remaining trail segments on Webber Parkway 
  • Pouring remaining pedestrian curb ramps and sidewalk segments on Lyndale Avenue 
  • Paving the final roadway layer and striping the roadway on Lyndale Avenue 
  • Installing wayfinding signage, remaining street lights and traffic signal systems  

Weather permitting, we anticipate completing the remaining work by late October. 

Lyndale Avenue construction at Webber Parkway intersection

Crews grade the new boulevards along northbound Lyndale Avenue at the 42nd Avenue intersection.

Lyndale Avenue construction at 42nd Avenue

Crews continue to work on Lyndale Avenue at the Webber Parkway intersection.

Continue to use the detour

Please continue using Webber Parkway and Lyndale Avenue's designated detour and access routes until we finish our planned construction. 

How you get around the closure will vary depending on the mode of travel. We included a map of the recommended travel routes below.

For people driving

Webber Parkway to Lyndale Avenue

Signs will direct you to Fremont Avenue to travel around the Webber Parkway closure and connect to Lyndale Avenue. The entire route uses Fremont Avenue and 42nd Avenue.  

Webber 44 project map
View of the detour route during the Webber Parkway and Lyndale Avenue closures.

Washington to Lyndale avenues

Washington Avenue North (County Road 152) at the Lyndale Avenue intersection remains closed. 

Signs will direct you to use Dowling Avenue to cross I-94 or access businesses between the Mississippi River and Washington Avenue.

Washington Avenue closure at Lyndale Avenue

Detour route during the Washington Avenue closure at Lyndale Avenue.

For people walking, biking and rolling

We will continue to maintain access for people walking, biking and rolling. Expect local detours or alternate routes to access these destinations. We will have signs to guide people around.

For people using transit 

Metro Transit routes 5, 22 and 721 will remain on their current routes, but there could be some minor changes to stops during construction. To stay up to date, go to Metro Transit's rider alerts webpage at or call 612-373-3333.  

Local access and parking restrictions

We will continue to maintain access for people who live along the project area, visit local businesses and destinations such as Webber Park, Webber Community Center and use the Grand Rounds Trail.  

No parking on Webber Parkway continues where construction is happening. However, parking at the Webber Community Center remains open.  If you are traveling around the area, please remember to check signs regarding parking and drive safely around crews. 

Map showing access to Webber Park and the Webber Park parking lot during construction on Webber Parkway 

2022 construction schedule 

You will see county construction activities on the following segments of the Webber 44 corridor:

  • 45th Avenue between Memorial Parkway and west of Shingle Creek Parkway
  • Webber Parkway (County Road 152) between 44th and Lyndale avenue
  • Triangle intersection connecting 44th Avenue, 45th Avenue and Webber Parkway
  • Lyndale Avenue (County Road 152) between Webber Parkway and south of 41st Avenue

We included a reconstruction area map below.

Project area for the Webber 44 reconstruction includes 45h Avenue, Webber Parkway and Lyndale Avenue

Access a larger view of the map

Project overview

Hennepin County, in coordination with the City of Minneapolis and Metro Transit, is updating infrastructure, like the roadway, sidewalks, trails, curbs and gutters and underground utilities, along segments of 44th Avenue, Webber Parkway, Lyndale Avenue, Humboldt Avenue and 45th Avenue.

Many of these segments make up County Road 152, which travels through North Minneapolis and connects to downtown Minneapolis and becomes Washington Avenue.

We will also improve how this road functions for all modes of travel:

  • For people walking and rolling, we are adding bump-outs and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant ramps at intersections. Throughout the corridor, there will be accessible pedestrian signals (APS), durable crosswalk markings, and countdown timers at intersections with traffic signals. The project also creates a green boulevard with trees and pedestrian-level lighting between the road and sidewalk.
  • For people biking, we are adding bike-only areas along Lyndale and Humboldt avenues. The Lyndale lanes will connect Webber Park with existing routes east of the corridor.
  • For people riding transit, we have prepared 44th Avenue for Metro Transit's enhanced bus shelters for METRO D Line BRT service.

Previous project construction outreach

Webber 44 hosted a virtual construction open house to show updated designs in April 2021. At the open house, project staff shared proposed improvements, timing and staging of the work. It also included brief overviews of county road projects scheduled to happen nearby.

Previous project design outreach

Updated design open house

Webber 44 hosted an open house to show updated designs in February 2019.

View the boards from the open house (PDF)

View the updated design layout – east – February 2019 (PDF)

View the updated design layout – west – February 2019 (PDF)

Watch a brief video about the Webber 44 project (YouTube)

View the open house summary (PDF)

View the illustrated guide of updated designs - printable version (PDF)

Early design concepts open house

Webber 44 hosted an open house to show early designs and get feedback in September 2018.

View the project overview (PDF)

View comment summary as of August 20 (PDF)

View the open house display boards (PDF)

View early design concept layout – 44th Avenue (PDF)

View early design concept layout – Webber Parkway (PDF)

View early design mini roundabout (PDF)

View the open house summary (PDF)

To share your comments, download the survey (PDF) and send to Jason Staebell, project manager, Hennepin County Transportation Project Delivery, 1600 Prairie Drive, Medina, MN 55340

Project kick-off open house

Webber 44 hosted a project kick-off open house in June 2018.

Review the open house presentation (PDF)

View the open house display boards (PDF)

View the open house summary (PDF)

Other projects near the area

Hennepin County is preparing to reconstruct Osseo Road (County Road 152) from Penn Avenue (County Road 2) to 49th Avenue in North Minneapolis. Learn about the Osseo Road project.

In June 2019, the METRO C Line bus rapid transit line opened. The C Line route runs between downtown Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center including on Osseo Road. Visit Metro Transit's METRO C Line project page.

Other projects are being planned for this corridor, including:

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