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Locations and improvements

Upgrades to intersections for accessibility and safety

hiawatha avenue road with cars


The seven Midtown Greenway intersections planned for improvements are:

  • James Avenue
  • Irving Avenue
  • Humboldt Avenue
  • 5th Avenue
  • 28th Street East
  • Hiawatha Avenue (Highway 55)
  • Minnehaha Avenue

midtown greenway bikers, bridge and apartment buildings

Planned improvements

All seven intersections will be upgraded with:

  • New pedestrian curb ramps that meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards
  • New curbs, sidewalks, and trails at the crossing locations
  • Added high-visibility trail crossing markings

Other safety improvements include:

  • Upgraded curb extensions at James, Irving, Humboldt, and 5th avenues to shorten trail crossing distances and enhance visibility of the trail crossing.
  • A raised trail crossing at 5th Avenue to slow people driving and encourage them to yield to Greenway users.
  • Updated overhead pedestrian crossing beacons (flashing signals) at 28th Street and Minnehaha Avenue.
  • New raised medians at Minnehaha Avenue intersection to provide a protected refuge area for Greenway users.