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Tanager Bridge reconstruction

County Road 15 in Orono

Hennepin County is planning to replace the Shoreline Drive Bridge (County Road 15) over Tanager Lake, frequently referred to as Tanager Bridge.

Construction began in March 2021. Until replacement, the bridge remains load restricted. Law enforcement is enforcing these restrictions.

Project timeline showing planning and design phases are completed. Construction and project completion are expected for 2021.

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New Tanager Bridge structure nearing completion

This construction season has been going well for our crews for the new Tanager Bridge. Much of the main structures for the new bridge are already complete to include pouring the new bridge deck.  

All of this progress doesn’t mean we’re ready to open the new bridge yet. In fact, we still need to pour concrete for the new bridge approaches and railings. And, the concrete needs time to cure to reach its full strength.  

Also, some of the activities that remain will impact travel around the area, including people driving on Shoreline Drive and people using the channel under the bridge. 

So, our crews will be taking a pause once the new bridge structure is complete. More information about the pause appears below. 

Travelling the area 

Shoreline Drive (County Road 15) remains open but, people should continue to anticipate occasional delays. People will see large equipment on site and trucks moving in and out of the area at various times. 

We ask you to stay aware, use extra caution and slow down when driving through the construction area. 

Crews set bridge beams in early June. The beams will support the new bridge deck.

Crews set bridge beams in early June. The beams will support the new bridge deck.

Crews set rebar to pour concrete for the travel lanes, approaches and railings on the new Tanager Bridge.

With the bridge beams in place, crews set rebar to pour concrete for the travel lanes, approaches and railings. In early July, crews poured the new bridge deck.

Fall construction activities  

Once the new bridge structure is built, we will take a pause from construction to allow people who live, work and recreate in the area to continue to have access on Shoreline Drive and the Tanager Lake Channel during the peak summer months. 

That’s because the remaining construction activities include: 

  • removing the existing bridge  
  • realigning the road to the new bridge 
  • installing new curbs and gutters  
  • paving and striping the new road connections 
  • improving erosion protections along the shoreline 

These activities will require us to close Shoreline Drive at the bridge after Labor Day for up to 30 calendar days. And, we will need to close the channel periodically during bridge removal. 

This summer pause limits the impact to people while keeping the project on schedule for completion this year.  

We will provide more detail, including exact timing, as we get closer to the work. 

View the online open house

We hosted a construction open house on Wednesday, January 27, 2021 prior to start of construction. We provided attendees with information including the expected improvements, closures and detour information. View the recording below.


To only view the presentation slides, click on the link below. You can also view images of the project layout and official detour map we shared at the open house.

Tanager Bridge online open house presentation (PDF)

View of the expected improvements

Tanager Bridge project layout

Expected changes and improvements to the new bridge and connecting roadway on Shoreline Drive. To view a larger image of the layout, click on the link below.

Tanager Bridge changes and improvements (PNG)

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