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Tanager Bridge reconstruction

County Road 15 in Orono

Hennepin County replaced the Shoreline Drive Bridge (County Road 15) over Tanager Lake, frequently referred to as Tanager Bridge.

Construction activities completed in fall 2021.

The Tanager Bridge reconstruction project completed in 2021

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Tanager Bridge reopens to traffic

Shoreline Drive (County Road 15) in Orono has come to an end. We updated and made improvements to the bridge, connecting roadway and the channel below. You can now enjoy a safer and better traveling experience.

Improvements on the Tanager Bridge and Shoreline Drive include:

  • A realigned roadway with improved sightlines
  • A new bridge deck for a smoother ride
  • Improved channel clearance by more than a foot
  • New riprap sloping to provide erosion protection to the channel shoreline
Vehicles travel on the new Tanager Bridge.

View of people driving and biking on the new Tanager Bridge.

New Tanager Bridge face

View of the new bridge face. The new bridge provides an improved channel clearance by more than a foot.

Realigned Shoreline Drive connecting to the new Tanager Bridge.

A realigned Shoreline Drive with improved sightlines.

Thank you

We thank you for your patience and understanding while we worked to complete this project in Orono.

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