Tanager Bridge reconstruction

County Road 15 in Orono

Hennepin County is planning to replace the Shoreline Drive Bridge (County Road 15) over Tanager Lake, frequently referred to as Tanager Bridge.

Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in March 2021. Until replacement, the bridge remains load restricted. Law enforcement is enforcing these restrictions.

Project timeline

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Reconstruction activities begin soon

Hennepin County is scheduled to reconstruct the Shoreline Drive Bridge (County Road 15) over Tanager Lake in Orono this year. The bridge is more commonly referred to as the Tanager Bridge. Starting as soon as early March, we will begin work to replace the Tanager Bridge and realign the bridge approaches on Shoreline Drive.

This work will improve safety for people using the bridge and the channel below. 

We anticipate that crews will be onsite through most of 2021, and the project will impact how people travel in the area.

View the online open house

We hosted a construction open house on Wednesday, January 27, 2021 prior to start of construction. We provided attendees with information including the expected improvements, closures and detour information. View the recording below.


To only view the presentation slides, click on the link below. You can also view images of the project layout and official detour map we shared at the open house.

Tanager Bridge online open house presentation (PDF)

Tanager Bridge project layout

Expected changes and improvements to the new bridge and connecting roadway on Shoreline Drive. To view a larger image of the layout, click here.

Tanager Bridge detour map

View of the official detour for through traffic during the two scheduled closures at the Tanager Bridge.

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