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Providing educational support for county-involved youth

Providing educational support for county-involved youth

For more than a decade, Hennepin County’s Plus program has worked with local school districts to help at-risk youth reach their educational and career goals.

County-involved youth – which includes homeless, pregnant and parenting teens, and youth in foster care or the juvenile justice system – can get the support they need to graduate high school or earn a GED, attend college, and plan for a career that pays a livable wage.

Support can include:

  • Case coordinators located in the schools
  • Personalized educational plans so students can make-up credits and stay on pace to graduate
  • Transportation to school
  • Mental and chemical health services
  • College and career counseling

Every student deserves the best

Joseph is a student at Takoda Prep, a Minneapolis alternative high school focused on American Indian students. With help from case coordinator Jessica Rousseau, he is doing well in school and making plans for his future.

“Before, if I didn’t do my work, nobody cared, but Jessica is on me. If I don't answer my phone, she will show up at my door,” he said.

It’s that type of one-on-one support that can make a difference.

“Each kid is strong and has gifts and I can hone in on their talents, using our shared culture," said Rousseau. "I can be a surrogate nurturer for the kids, since I had a good role model and teacher who did it for me. My students deserve the best.”

Joseph is now planning for college, participating in an internship, and is in charge of planning the next Takoda Prep Family Night.

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