Shoreline Drive intersection improvement

County Road 15 in Minnetonka Beach

Hennepin County is working with the City of Minnetonka Beach to study options for providing a safe and comfortable crossing for people crossing Shoreline Drive (County Road 15) at Arcola Lane. 

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Public involvement

Upcoming presentation

A study group meeting is planned to consider initial findings at the mid-point of the demonstration period on Monday, July 16. The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at Minnetonka Beach City Hall.

Hennepin County and Minnetonka Beach are interested in hearing comments, questions and impressions during the demonstration period. Please contact project manager Bob Byers at (612) 596-0354 or

Earlier involvement

Hennepin County hosted a public information meeting for an intersection improvement to Shoreline Drive (County Road 15) at Arcola Lane in Minnetonka Beach in February 2018.

The display boards and materials from this meeting are linked below.

Concurrence with the recommended improvements will be requested from the City Council at their regular meeting on Monday, February 12.

Project information

Since fall 2016, Hennepin County has been working with staff and community members to find options for providing a safer and more comfortable pedestrian crossing. There have been multiple attempts prior to 2016 to discuss options, but no consensus was ever reached to proceed with construction.   

After recent observations of existing pedestrian crossings and examination of various location options, a site near Arcola Lane has been chosen for improvement. The improvements consist of raised medians and bump-outs. These improvements are designed to:

  • encourage slower traffic speeds
  • provide pedestrian crossing protection
  • protect vehicles traveling from Arcola Lane to Shoreline Drive
  • improve traffic guidance on Shoreline Drive

Design update

Through the public involvement process, county staff has refined designs based on community feedback. City council approved the proposed design in February 2018. The project will now move into detail design.

In May 2018, temporary delineators were installed on Shoreline Drive near Arcola Lane to allow drivers to experience a prototype of future concrete medians and bump-out improvements planned for early 2019.

The delineators will be maintained for 90 days this summer to give residents and road users an opportunity to experience the configuration. Volumes, speeds and general roadway operations will be monitored during the demonstration and the data will be evaluated to guide refinements for the final design.

The goal of these improvements is to provide a safer and more comfortable crossing opportunity for people walking and biking, encouraging slower traffic speeds and improving driver guidance with striping and signage. 

This is anticipated to occur in spring/summer 2018. Construction could begin in late 2018 or early 2019. 

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