Shoreline Drive intersection improvement

County Road 15 in Minnetonka Beach

Hennepin County has been working with the City of Minnetonka Beach and a study group of residents and Planning Commission members over the past two years studying options for providing a safe and comfortable crossing for people crossing Shoreline Drive (County Road 15).

Improvements are planned in the vicinity of Arcola Lane for late 2018 or early 2019. Construction will include median islands, a bump-out and crosswalk signing and striping.

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Project information

The improvements to the Shoreline Drive and Arcola Lane intersection will consist of safety additions such as raised medians, curb extensions, crosswalk signage and new striping. These improvements are designed to:

  • Encourage slower traffic speeds
  • Provide pedestrian crossing protection
  • Protect vehicles traveling from Arcola Lane to Shoreline Drive
  • Improve traffic guidance on Shoreline Drive

Learn more on the Minnetonka Beach project website.

Public involvement

Design update

A recommended improvement concept was presented to the City Council in February 2018 which received a resolution of support.

During May-July a demonstration pilot was installed on Shoreline Drive to provide residents an example of how the proposed medians and bump-out would be positioned. Based on feedback of the demonstration some adjustments were recommended and presented at a public information meeting.

The final design was presented to the City Council in August and received a confirmation resolution of support to moving ahead with the improvements.

Project involvement

Since fall 2016, Hennepin County has been working with the City of Minnetonka Beach, city assigned commissions and study groups consisting of local community members to find options for providing a safer and more comfortable pedestrian crossing on Shoreline Drive.

After recent observations of existing pedestrian crossings and examination of various location options, the Arcola Lane intersection was selected for improvement.

The study investigations have included a number of public meetings to discuss possible improvement options and evaluation considerations.

August 2018

  • City council meeting – confirmation of city support for final design plan

July 2018

  • City council meeting – review of demonstration results and refinements
  • Study group meeting

April 2018

  • Study group meeting

March 2018

  • Resident meeting
  • City council meeting – agreement to install a pilot demonstration

February 2018

  • Study informational meeting
  • City council meeting – resolution of support for recommended improvements

January 2018

  • City council meeting
  • Public open house
  • Study group meeting

August 2017

  • Study group meeting

June 2017

  • Study group meeting

March 2017

  • Planning commission meeting – organization of study group

Fall 2016

  • Preliminary discussions with planning commission members and city staff
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