Traffic signal reporting

This form is designed for reporting non-emergency signal issues on county roads in Hennepin County and outside the city of Minneapolis only. For an emergency situation, call police at 911.

In Hennepin County, some county roads are referred to by their number designation; others are more commonly referred to by local names. In some cases, only a segment of a specific road may be a county road.

To help identify whether a signal is on a county road, try using the map of county roads in Hennepin County.

To learn more about how to report signal issues on city or state-owned roads or county roads in the city of Minneapolis, visit

traffic signals labels Use the image above to help describe your traffic signal issue.


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The light is out

The signal is not managing traffic effectively

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Your answer may include the following (character limit 3000):

  • The signal is not picking up vehicles.
  • The flashing yellow arrow is not operating correctly.
  • There is a long wait time.
  • There is not enough time.
  • The timing seems off due to nearby construction.

Where is the intersection located?

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