Minnehaha Avenue reconstruction

County Road 48 in Minneapolis

Hennepin County, in partnership with the City of Minneapolis, is reconstructing Minnehaha Avenue from 46th Street South to Lake Street.

Improvements to Minnehaha Avenue are needed to address the deteriorating pavement, utility and drainage concerns, non-motorized accommodations and storm water quality conditions.

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Current work

Restoration work in fall 2017

While most of the work has concluded for the project, some minor restoration work will occur in fall 2017. As part of the final project maintenance, the corridor has been reviewed and it was determined that some portions of the concrete need to be replaced in various locations.

 Concrete replacement work will begin the week of October 9 and is expected to continue for one to two weeks. You may see some road work signs,and barrels around the work areas as crews move around the corridor, but the road will remain open to vehicles and bicyclists.

You can take a ride on the newly constructed bike lanes and travel from Lake Street to Minnehaha Regional Park. You can visit any of the local businesses and organizations or you can visit any of the nearby parks and amenities.

Thank you for your patience during work along the Minnehaha Avenue corridor!

view of finished roadway


bicycle riders on finished roadway

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The county seeks to design Minnehaha Avenue to be safer, more livable, and welcoming to all users, while balancing potential impacts to residents and businesses along the corridor.

Design concepts

The county initially studied design concepts for buffered bike lanes, one-way cycle track and two-way cycle tracks on Minnehaha Avenue. County staff recommended the buffered bike lane option because it better addresses safety at intersections for pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles and will have less of an impact on parking and trees. Minneapolis City Council approved the recommended layout on December 13, 2013.

Project documents

Public involvement

Public meetings were held in 2013 to provide information about design concepts and gain public input. Hennepin County presented the recommended layout to Minneapolis City Council in December 2013 and received preliminary layout approval.

Thank you to all who have attended meetings and provided your thoughts and ideas to date.

Project highlights

  • Two 11-foot lanes of traffic
  • Dedicated left turn lanes on Minnehaha Avenue at 31st Street, 32nd street, 38th Street, 46th Street
  • A southbound right turn lane on Minnehaha Avenue at 42nd Street
  • Realignment of intersections to create 90 degree angles at 27th Avenue and 31st Avenue, 32nd Street and 33rd Street, and 36th Avenue and 37th Avenue
  • Improved pedestrian facilities (shortened crossings at intersections, improving bus stops and ramp curbs to make them fully accessible)
  • Enhanced dedicated bicycle lanes (including a stipend buffer zone and concrete pavement treatment)
  • Storm water system improvements
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