Lake Street bridge maintenance

County Road 3 over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis

Hennepin County and Ramsey County are making improvements to the Lake Street Bridge over the Mississippi River right now.

The bridge, built in 1989, is a significant crossing of the Mississippi River and an important landmark. Work on the bridge will assure a safe, usable, and attractive bridge for years to come.

Improvements include replacing the expansion joints, repairing the limestone veneer, repairing the plaza areas and sealing the concrete deck. It is anticipated that one half of the bridge will be worked on at a time in order to minimize traffic impacts.

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Current work

Lake Street Bridge fully reopened

As of Wednesday, November 22, Lake Street Bridge (County Road 3) has fully reopened to people walking or driving. 

Over the last few months, crews replaced the bridge deck expansion joints on the Lake Street Bridge over the Mississippi River.

Small portions of the bridge deck were removed to install new bridge deck expansion joints, and new concrete was poured.

A bridge is designed to move slightly as a result of weather, weight and other factors. The expansion joints allow the bridge deck to move safely. They are also utilized to prevent corrosive materials from penetrating and damaging critical components of the bridge. The joints are one of the first components of a bridge deck that need to be replaced. Replacing them extends the life of the bridge.

In addition to replacing the expansion joints, crews are also completed masonry work to repair stone veneers on the bridge structure.

The bridge maintenance work includes:

  • replacing the expansion joints
  • repairing the limestone veneer
  • repairing the plaza areas
  • sealing the concrete deck
  • improving streetscapes

These improvements will assure a safe, usable, and attractive bridge for people to enjoy for years to come. Thank you for your patience and understanding while this project was completed. 

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