East Hennepin Avenue improvements

County Road 52 in Minneapolis

Hennepin County, in partnership with City of Minneapolis, is making improvements on East Hennepin Avenue (County Road 52) between 8th Street Southeast and Stinson Boulevard Northeast (County Road 27). These improvements are being made to meet current and future needs for people walking, biking, rolling and driving.

Work will be completed in two different phases, with construction activities expected to begin for the second phase in summer 2020.

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2019 construction activities

In 2019, Hennepin County improved pedestrian curb ramps at 10 intersections between Harrison Street and Stinson Boulevard. These improvements make it easier and safer for people crossing the street along the corridor. Most intersections are complete, but construction will resume in spring 2020 to complete remaining locations.

Updated project layout (PDF)

2020 improvements

Improvements in 2020 include the following:

  • Constructing the remaining pedestrian curb ramps
  • Repaving the roadway for a smoother ride
  • Converting the roadway from four to three lanes for a portion of the corridor
  • Adding on-street bike lanes
  • Enhancing the crossing at 5th Avenue
  • Adding new spaces for people biking and walking between 5th Avenue and Pierce Street NE to improve access to Presidents Bike Boulevard

The city and county are working together to make improvements across the corridor. For more information on the Presidents Bike Boulevard crossing and trail improvements, visit the City of Minneapolis’ project website.

Roadway repaving

Hennepin County anticipates repaving East Hennepin Avenue between 8th and Johnson streets in 2020.

Prior to this, the county will complete a traffic analysis to determine if a four- to three-lane conversion is possible between 8th and Johnson streets.

A three-lane configuration provides one lane in each direction plus a center turn lane. This would free up space for bike lanes to better connect to planned bicycle facilities between Main and 8th streets.

Anticipated timeline

  • Summer 2019: community engagement
  • Fall 2019: design
  • Summer 2020: construction

Presidents Bike Boulevard crossing and trail improvements

The City of Minneapolis anticipates making improvements for people biking, walking and rolling in the corridor in 2020. They will construct a median refuge island for people crossing at 5th Avenue, as well as a new off-street bike path on the north side of East Hennepin Avenue between 5th and Pierce streets.

The sidewalk will be separate from the bike path. Buffered bike lanes are proposed on the south side of East Hennepin Avenue.

Anticipated timeline

  • Spring/Summer 2019: community engagement
  • Late Summer/ Fall 2019: design
  • Summer 2020: construction

More information can be found on the City of Minneapolis’s project website.

Project information

More about the bike and pedestrian improvements

Once the improvements are completed, people walking and biking will have a dedicated space, making the corridor safer for all users.

The improvements between 5th Avenue and Pierce Street will fill a gap in the Presidents Bike Boulevard, a key bike route for people traveling between downtown and Northeast Minneapolis.

This segment of the East Hennepin Avenue corridor is identified as a future on-street bicycle facility in both the Hennepin County 2040 Bicycle Transportation Plan and the City of Minneapolis Bicycle Master Plan. It is also identified as a Minneapolis Walking Route for Youth.

Public involvement

Upcoming outreach events

Future outreach events will be posted here.

Previous outreach event

Open house – design

County staff hosted an open house on July 9, 2019.

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