Hennepin Avenue East concrete pavement repair

County Road 52 in Minneapolis

Hennepin County plans to rehabilitate the concrete driving surface on Hennepin Avenue East (County Road 52) between 8th Street Southeast and the Hennepin Avenue Bridge over the Mississippi River. 

This Hennepin County project will follow work currently led by Center Point Energy. 

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Construction timing 

We currently anticipate crews will begin work after Independence Day (July 4) and work will continue through October. This project is being coordinated with CenterPoint Energy’s current project in the area, which is expected to last through July, and the City of Minneapolis’s 5th Street resurfacing project.

Hennepin Avenue East project information (PDF)

Work to begin summer 2018 

This summer, Hennepin County will repair the concrete surface on Hennepin Avenue (County Road 52) in Minneapolis between the Hennepin Avenue Bridge and 8th Street Southeast. Concrete pavement repairs are needed to extend the longevity of the street surface, lessen the need for ongoing maintenance and make repairs before other major nearby projects begin.

When work begins:

  • There will be noise and dust associated with this work. The work will typically be limited to daylight hours.
  • The road will remain open, but there will be delays. There will be one lane of traffic open for cars and bikes and an adjacent parking lane open for access to local businesses/residences.
  • No striping will occur. The striping will be the same as it currently is. 
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