County Road 81 and Brockton Lane intersection improvement

County Roads 81, 13 and 101 in Rogers

In 2017, Hennepin County and the City of Rogers made improvements to the County Road 81 and Brockton Lane (County Road 13/101) intersection. Construction activities are scheduled to resume in 2018 to complete the improvements project. The City of Rogers is the lead on this project. 

For more information on the improvement project, visit the City of Rogers’ project website.

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Construction updates

Improvements project nearing completion

The City of Rogers' reconstruction of the County Road 81 and Brockton Lane (County Road 13 and 101) intersection is nearing completion. 

Over the coming weeks, the city will complete major construction activities with repaving, striping and median work. Minor construction tasks will follow to bring the improvements project to a close.

Intersection repaving begins

Starting Monday, June 4, the City of Rogers will repave the County Road 81 and Brockton Lane intersection. This work also includes repaving half-mile segments of County Road 81 and Brockton Lane in each direction.

Repaving will be completed in stages. First, the existing road is grinded away (milled). Then, new road is paved (overlaid). To finish the work, new striping and pavement markings will be added.

Due to the nature of this work and the weather, the exact start and finish dates may vary. Weather permitting, this work is expected to last a week.

Intersection remains open - expect delays

The intersection will remain open during repaving. Flaggers will be present to help people driving travel safely through the intersection. However, you should expect day-to-day traffic configuration changes, and it may take longer to travel through the area. 

For your safety and the safety of our crews, we ask that you obey all posted speed limits and slow down where crews are working. 

Striping work to follow

Once repaving is completed, the new road will be ready for motor vehicle traffic. However, city crews will have to wait up to ten days for the asphalt to completely cure, or dry, to paint striping on the new pavement.

Project information

in 2017, roadway improvements were made to relieve traffic congestion and improve safety in the area, including the addition of:

  • A through lane in each direction on County Road 81
  • A second dedicated left-turn lane from southbound Brockton Lane to eastbound County Road 81
  • Dedicated right-turn lanes from:
  • Westbound County Road 81 to northbound Brockton Lane
  • Southbound Brockton Lane to westbound County Road 81
  • Northbound Brockton Lane to eastbound County Road 81
  • New traffic signals, railroad crossings, median and safety equipment
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