County Road 15 road and drainage improvements


Hennepin County will make road and drainage improvements on County Road 15 between Market Avenue/Dalchow Road and Westedge Boulevard in Minnetrista.

Construction is anticipated to begin in summer.

County Road 15 timeline

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Project information

Construction activities scheduled to begin this summer

In summer, Hennepin County is scheduled to begin a project to make road and drainage improvements on County Road 15 between Market Avenue/Dalchow Road and Westedge Boulevard in Minnetrista.

There are two parts to this project: drainage improvements and repaving.

Drainage improvements improve the longevity of the road by protecting the road base. It also reduces drainage issues for nearby properties. This project requires nine culvert replacements. The culverts will be replaced one at a time to ensure local access.

Nine culvert locations on County Road 15

Locations of the nine culverts to be removed and replaced County Road 15. For a larger view of this map, click here.

Once the culverts are replaced, crews will repave County Road 15. Instead of a traditional mill and overlay, crews will use a method called full-depth reclamation. Full-depth reclamation involves removing and grinding up layers of asphalt down to the gravel layer and recycling them with new asphalt. This method takes longer than a traditional mill and overlay, but should result in the pavement lasting longer.

Closures, impacts and access

Detour for through traffic

Both activities require a full closure of County Road 15.

The detour for people driving uses:

  • Commerce Boulevard/County Road 110
  • Watertown Road (Hennepin County Road 6) / Carver County Road 20
  • Carver County Road 127 

County Road 15 detour

Detour route during the County Road 15 closure. For a larger view of this map, click here.

People walking, biking and rolling will need to use the detour route or other alternative routes, but will need to remain outside of the construction zones.

Local access during the closure 

During the culvert replacement work, County Road 15 will be closed at only one culvert location at a time to maintain access for local residents and visitors. 

This means you will still be able to get to your home, place of work or favorite business, but how you gain access to these places will change as work happens on each culvert.

Additional projects nearby

We anticipate there will be other projects in the area in 2020. These include two-county led reconstruction efforts:

We are working to coordinate with these efforts and all other construction and maintenance activities to the best of our ability.

Roadway and bridge maintenance activities in the area

In addition to the upcoming projects, the county will also complete regular short-term roadway and bridge maintenance activities. These activities include:  

  • roadway repaving, sweeping and cracksealing  
  • bridge inspections and flushing 
  • tree trimming 

Impacts will vary depending on the work needed, but most work is done alongside traffic or with brief lane closures. We will provide updates via email as the projects near.  

Also, the county is working with municipalities and the Minnesota Department of Transportation to coordinate on various other projects that will be happening this year and hope to minimize any overlap.

Public involvement

Construction open house

An online construction open house was hosted on May 20, 2020 to provide the public with information on the road and drainage project.

May 2020 open house

To watch the online open house, please click on the link below. You can watch and listen in on this project's portion of the presentation from 24:43 to 29:05.

2020 Lake Minnetonka area projects online open house (YouTube)

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