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Bottineau Boulevard reconstruction

County Road 81 in Brooklyn Park

Hennepin County and the City of Brooklyn Park partnered to reconstruct Bottineau Boulevard (County Road 81) between West Broadway and 83rd avenues, as well as Brooklyn Boulevard (County Road 130/152) between Xylon Avenue and Jolly Lane.

Improvements along the corridor included additional travel lanes, better access and connection to side streets and frontage roads, crosswalks, new traffic signal systems and improved stormwater systems. These improvements will make the road safer for all users, provide better traffic flow and reduce congestion and delays.

The Bottineau Boulevard reconstruction project completed in 2021

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Bottineau Boulevard reconstruction is complete

Bottineau Boulevard (County Road 81) reconstruction between Brooklyn Boulevard (County Road 130/152) and 83rd Avenue has come to an end.

Improvements made along this segment of Bottineau Boulevard will make the road safer for all users and meet today's needs for travel in the area.

This segment now offers:

  • New pavement providing a smoother ride
  • Reconfigured travel lanes with additional through lanes, dedicated turn lanes and upgrade traffic signals to provide a safer and more efficient travel
  • Extended trail connections on the Crystal Lake Regional Trail along Bottineau Boulevard up to 85th Avenue (County Road 109)
  • New shared paths along Brooklyn Boulevard to improve connections for people walking, rolling and biking
  • Wider sidewalks, new curb ramps and accessible pedestrian signals that meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards
  • Improved storm water management and updated utilities

Thank you

On behalf of the project team, we thank you for your patience while we worked to reconstruct and improve Bottineau Boulevard.

Railroad coordination continues

Hennepin County continues to coordinate with BNSF Railroad for their required railroad crossing work on Brooklyn Boulevard and other locations adjacent to Bottineau Boulevard.

We anticipate their work may begin as early as 2022.

Bottineau Boulevard (County Road 81) was originally constructed as part of the state’s trunk highway system. The roadway was last graded and paved in 1957. Before work began on the corridor, a county study found the roadway to be in fair to poor condition and in need of reconstruction rather than repaving. In addition, stormwater had not adequately treated along the corridor. Moreover, issues such as inadequate turn lanes and multiple access points compromise traffic flow and safety.

Corridor segments

  • West Broadway Avenue (County Road 8) to 85th Avenue (County Road 109):
    Major construction completed in 2021
  • 63rd Avenue to West Broadway Avenue:
    Major construction completed in 2017
  • Bass Lake Road (County Road 10) to 63rd Avenue:
    Completed in 2014
  • Bottineau Boulevard and 85th Avenue interchange with Highway 169:
    Completed in 2011 by Minnesota Department of Transportation (not part of the county's five segments)
  • Highway 100 to Bass Lake Road (County Road 10):
    Completed in 2008
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