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Bicycle Advisory Committee

Be a part of the county's Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) and you will:

  • Play a role in building the county's bicycle infrastructure
  • Bring your experience and knowledge to bicycle projects as they are being planned
  • Be in a position that officially advises the county's commissioners and staff on matters relating to bicycling
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The BAC's mission is to advise the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners on polices, programs and projects to promote and expand people of all ages and abilities walking and bicycling for transportation, recreation and health as a comfortable, fun, routine part of daily life for people of all ages and abilities.



  • Provide expertise and multiple view points on biking and walking around the county.
  • Guide the implementation of a pedestrian and bicycle transportation plans.
  • Provide collective feedback on projects, programs and polices following guiding principles based on the adopted pedestrian and bicycle plans and developed by the group. These principles should be reaffirmed every two years.


Meeting times:

  • The BAC will meet monthly.
  • Regular meeting dates, times, and locations will be set by the membership.


  • Quorum will be 1/2 of voting membership.
  • All BAC meetings are open to the public.
  • Three (3) unexcused absences from regular meetings during a calendar year may result in a recommendation from the committee for membership termination to the appointing commissioner.

Agendas and staffing:

  • The BAC will be staffed by Hennepin County Public Works.
  • The Chair, Vice Chair, and any other officers will be selected by the committee biennially with the appointment of members.
  • Agendas will be set by the Chair, in consultation with Public Works, posted online at least three days in advance of regularly scheduled meetings, and approved by the membership.
  • BAC members will fully participate in all meeting agenda items and be prepared to ride during summer meetings.

Summary report:

  • At a minimum, the BAC will provide a summary report of activities each year to the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners.



Members should reflect the breadth and diversity of Hennepin County and represent and serve as a liaison to their local community and community groups, as well as, represent the greater concerns of people bicycling and walking within Hennepin County.

Appointment will occur through an open application process and staff will submit all applications received to the commissioners for appointment.

Each district will be represented by one voting members, one alternate.

Non-voting members will include Minnesota Department of Transportation, Three Rivers Park District, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, Hennepin County Public Works, Metro Transit, Metropolitan Council, Hennepin County Sheriff’s office or a local police department, a Hennepin County Human Services and Public Health representative.

Term limits

Seats for the Hennepin County BAC will be up for reappointment:

  • District 1: 2022
  • District 2: 2022
  • District 3: 2023
  • District 4: 2023
  • District 5: 2021
  • District 6: 2023
  • District 7: 2021

Terms are appointed for a length of three years

Current members will be invited to reapply, but a full call for applications and evaluation shall occur.

Ground rules and decision-making

Follow Roberts Rules of Order.


Minutes, resolutions and actions taken will be taken by the Secretary and posted on the Hennepin County website.

Resolutions will be communicated to the Board of Commissioners via the Chair and in coordination with Public Works staff.

Current committee members

This volunteer committee is made of up seven members and seven alternate members. Members and alternates are appointed to a three-year term. 

District 1

  • Tammy McLemore
  • Alternate: Gilbert Odonkor

District 2

  • Kristel Porter
  • Alternate: Billy Binder

District 3

  • Dave Carlson
  • Alternate: Sarah Maaske

District 4

  • Jay Eidsness
  • Alternate: Hokan

District 5

  • Judy Jones, Chair
  • Alternate: Louis Dzierzak

District 6

  • Member: Bob Byers
  • Alternate: Lou Miranda

District 7

  • Greg Anderson, Vice-chair
  • Alternate: Lee Newman

Committee background

The committee was established in 1989 to assist the Board of Commissioners and county staff to promote and expand the use of bicycles for safe and convenient transportation and recreation in the county.

Upcoming meetings

The committee meets on the third Monday of every month from 4 - 6 p.m. at various locations around the county. Discussion items include the status of current projects, bicycle, pedestrian, and or rolling issues, and planning studies. Field visits sometimes follows meetings. If you are interested in attending a meeting, contact Jordan Kocak at for meeting details.

2021 agendas and minutes








Future meeting agendas and minutes will be posted as they become available.

2021 resolutions

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