66th Street reconstruction

County Road 53 in Richfield 

The county, in coordination with the City of Richfield, will be building a county road designed to be safer, more livable and welcoming to all uses, while balancing potential impacts to residents and businesses along the corridor.

The project extends from Xerxes Avenue on the west end to 16th Avenue South on the east end. 

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Progress updates

Week of October 15 update

The second year of 66th Street (County Road 53) reconstruction is underway. Major work this year will occur between Humboldt and Portland avenues.

Below is what you can expect along 66th Street these next few weeks:

66th Street paving

Beginning Saturday, October 13, crews will pave the final stretch of gravel surface that remains on 66th Street between Girard Avenue and Lake Shore Drive. 

Once this paving is done, there will be a base layer of pavement throughout the area. However, be aware that the corridor remains closed to through traffic as crews will continue to work in the area.

Saturday work at I-35W interchange activities this week

On Saturday, October 13, crews will be paving 66th Street from Girard Avenue through the I-35W interchange. This work will occur from 7 a.m. (an hour earlier than usual) through 6 p.m. People driving will be restricted from taking left turns to and from the I-35W ramps during paving.

Monday work between Emerson Avenue and Lake Shore Drive

On Monday, October 15, crews will be paving 66th Street between Emerson Avenue and Lake Shore Drive.

People driving motor vehicles or riding bicycles on the road should anticipate road restrictions as equipment and crews move around. The side streets off 66th Street will remain open for the majority of the time, with the exception of when work is occurring in the immediate area.

Work is anticipated to be completed during daytime hours, between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. This schedule is weather dependent.

During these paving operations

During these paving operations, please allow for up to 30 minutes extra when traveling through the area.

There will be some noise associated with this work, such as back up signals and noise from paving. Crews will try to minimize the disturbances for those next to the work area and will continue to work as quickly as possible to complete the paving work.

Additional activities this week

  • Concrete sidewalk installation on the south side of 66th Street between Lake Shore Drive and Emerson Avenue
  • Concrete curb and gutter pours on the south side of Stevens Avenue at 66th Street 
  • Retaining wall construction between I-35W and Lyndale Avenue
  • Permanent signal installation at I-35W and Lake Shore Drive

Additional activities you should know about   

Metro Transit bus stops under I-35W reopen soon

The eastbound and westbound bus stops on 66th Street under I-35W remain closed while major construction activities continue in the area (the bus stops on the I-35W ramps remain open). The bus stops are expected to reopen shortly after the sidewalks are complete; in the meantime, riders can still use the nearby bus stops at Humboldt Avenue or Lynwood Boulevard. 

Changing pedestrian detours in the area

Crews will continue pouring the concrete sidewalks between Humboldt and Emerson avenues.

Be aware the pedestrian detour route will change at times during this phase of work. Pay attention and follow the signed route at all times, or call 612-444-3186 if you have questions or need help navigating around the area. 

Detours, closures and traffic access

Closure for through traffic

66th Street (County Road 53) is closed to through traffic between Cedar Avenue (Highway 77) and Xerxes Avenue South (County Road 31). The purpose of this closure is to allow crews to reconstruct the roadway and complete utility improvements along the corridor as part of 66th Street reconstruction project.

ADA compliant map (PDF)


Using motor vehicles

Marked detour for through traffic will be provided during the closure. The route includes:

  • Eastbound: North on Xerxes Avenue, east on Highway 62 and south on Cedar Avenue
  • Westbound: North on Cedar Avenue, west on Highway 62 and south on Xerxes Avenue

There will be local access to all residences and businesses.

Using public transit

Eastbound and westbound 66th Street buses will be detoured off 66th Street during construction.
Metro Transit buses will be detoured off 66th Street during construction

  • 515 route detour: Portland Avenue, 64th Street, Nicollet Avenue, 65th Street and Rae Drive
  • 558 route detour: Lyndale Avenue, 65th Street and Rae Drive

For more information, visit www.metrotransit.com/rider-alerts.

Local traffic access

Getting to local businesses and residences

The project team will be working to maintain access for residents and businesses as much as possible during construction, and will provide signed detours for any closures that are needed. In general, the following is expected:

  • At least one pedestrian access route will be maintained at all times.
  • One lane in each direction will be provided for vehicle traffic during the majority of the work (please note this may be a gravel surface).

During major reconstruction activities, please allow some extra time to reach business destinations.

Metro Transit information

In order to maintain local service to residents during the 66th Street reconstruction, buses will be routed to local streets during major reconstruction (maps available for download below).

Metro Transit will have some bus stops temporarily closed during utility work and other activities as needed. The best way to stay updated on bus stop closures on your route is to visit Metro Transit's Rider Alerts website:www.metrotransit.org/rider-alerts.



Download a printable version of the Richfield bus route graphic here (PDF)

Project information

Improvements to 66th Street in Richfield are needed to address the deteriorating pavement, utility and drainage concerns, non-motorized accommodations and storm water quality conditions. Corridor improvements include:

  • Full street reconstruction
  • Vehicle separation features, including raised concrete medians and continuous two-way left turn lanes
  • Facilities for people on bikes
  • Enhanced accommodations for people walking and those with accessibility needs 
  • New traffic signals at key intersections 
  • Roundabouts at Lyndale and Nicollet avenues

Project schedule

This schedule is subject to change.

Spring-Fall 2017

Major street reconstruction between:

  • Xerxes and Humboldt avenues
  • Oakland and 16th avenues

Spring-Fall 2018

  • Major street reconstruction between Humboldt and 5th avenues
  • Restoration and completion of some sidewalks in the 2017 work areas

Spring 2019

  • Final restoration and completion of some sidewalks in the 2018 work areas

Environmental coordination

Hennepin County has been working in close coordination with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MCPA) and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) regarding the vapor intrusion site at 66th Street/Vincent Avenue South.

For more information about what vapor intrusion is and how it occurs, visit: https//:www.pca.state.mn.us/waste/what-vapor-intrusion

For more information about the vapor intrusion site at 66th Street/Vincent Avenue South, visit: https://www.pca.state.mn.us/waste/richfield-west-66th-vapor-intrusion-site

Environmental assessment

As part of the preparation to begin construction on this project, the count prepared an environmental assessment. Because the file size is large, the related document has been broken down into multiple files.

The county hosted an environmental assessment open house on February 18, 2016 at the Richfield Community Center. Comments were also accepted by email or US mail to the project engineer.

In May 2016, the Federal Highway Administration published its Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) (PDF).

Public involvement

Previous events

2018 open house

In March 2018, Hennepin County hosted a reconstruction open house for businesses and residents to learn about the upcoming construction process and what to expect. The information shared at the event includes the following: 

Pre-construction (2017) open house

In March 2017, Hennepin County and the City of Richfield hosted a business meeting and public open house to provide information about the construction process, discuss potential impacts and area access. The information shared at the event include the following: 


Prior to the beginning of construction, public engagement included open houses, city council presentations and city commission meetings.

In January 2016, the City of Richfield hosted an informational open house to provide a preview of project staging to the business community along the 66th Street corridor in January 2016.

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