Fort Snelling area county road reconstruction

County roads 204 and 205

Hennepin County, in partnership with Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), will reconstruct Bloomington Road (County roads 204 and 205) and Minnehaha Avenue (County Road 204) in Fort Snelling.

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Construction updates

Historic Fort Snelling and Fort Snelling Chapel area access

For people travelling to Fort Snelling, be aware that construction is occurring in the area. To navigate to and from the area you may need to take a detour route.

Arriving from the north:

  • Highway 5 (Saint Paul)
  • Exit 116A: Bloomington Road (use right ramp, 1/3 mile beyond closed left ramp)

From other directions:

There are no change for people arriving from all other directions.

For people leaving to go east:

  • Highway 55 West
  • Exit 115: Minnehaha Avenue
  • Left onto Minnehaha Avenue
  • Cross the bridge
  • Right onto Highway 55 East

For people leaving to go south:

  • Highway 55 West
  • Exit 115: Minnehaha Avenue
  • Follow the signed detour through the south park and ride lot

Traffic information and access

Bloomington Road will be reconstructed between Tower and Minnehaha avenues. Minnehaha Avenue will be reconstructed between Bloomington Road and Tyler Avenue.

In addition, Bloomington Road will be repaved between Minnehaha Avenue and the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport fence line.

Stage 1 closure – began April 15, 2019

Bloomington Road is closed between Tower Avenue and Airport Service Road.

The Bloomington Road closure will include:

  • Highway 5 southbound ramp to Bloomington Road
  • Highway 55 southbound ramps

People driving will use:

  • Northbound Highway 55 West/Highway 62
  • Exit 115 Hiawatha Avenue/Minnehaha Avenue/ Highway 55 West
  • Left Minnehaha Avenue
  • Fort Snelling Station south lot

Construction staging

To complete the project in one construction season the project is being completed in three stages - each with a full closure to through traffic. Local access will be maintained. Weather permitting, construction is anticipated to begin April 15, 2019.

Stage 1 – April to June 2019

Reconstruction of Bloomington Road between Tower Avenue and Airport Service Road.

Stage 2 – June to August 2019

Reconstruction of Bloomington Road between Airport Service Road and Minnehaha Avenue.

Stage 3 – August to October 2019

Reconstruction of Minnehaha Avenue between Bloomington Road and Taylor Avenue.

As part of this project, crews will also pave Bloomington Road between Minnehaha Avenue and the MSP fence.

Project information

This project will include these improvements:

  • New pavement for a smoother ride
  • Additional trail segments and widened trails for improved connectivity and flow
  • Improved accessibility for people with disabilities at pedestrian crossings
  • Better stormwater management

The project is scheduled to be completed during the 2019 construction season.

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