Apply for a building reuse grant: used building material installation

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Used building material installation project

Applicant information

Format as xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Project information

Square footage requirements:

  • 300 square feet minimum for used building material installation projects
  • Accessory structures, such as garages, are not included in square footage.
  • Only include square footage for areas of property where used building materials will be installed.

Enter 1 if the property is a single-family home.

Character limit is 512.

Note: Grant funds cover eligible expenses only. Applicants must provide list of used building material expenses.

Note: used building material purchases and installation work must take place after the agreement to issue grant funds is established.

Used materials being installed in new project

You must install at least five used building materials from this category.

You must install at least 500 pounds of materials from this category.

*Only eligible for commercial projects.

Find details and contact information for salvage and recycling businesses.

Funding requested

Used building material installation: Maximum $5,000 per project (up to $2 per square foot).

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