Apply for a building reuse grant: structural move

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Structural move project

Applicant information

Format as xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Project information

Square footage requirements:

  • 500 square feet minimum for structural move projects
  • Accessory structures, such as garages, are not included in square footage.

Enter 1 if the property is a single-family home.

Character limit is 512.

Note: Grant funds cover eligible structural move expenses only. Applicants must provide quote showing expenses. If grantee contracts for structural move with a private company, all payments to the company must be completed in full and proof of payment provided before grant funds will be released.

Please note that all non-reusable building material generated from deconstruction projects must be sent to a construction and demolition waste recycling processing facility that achieves a minimum 60% recycling rate. Failure to meet the grant requirements could result in cancelation or reduction of funds.

Note: Approval will be required and applicants must be able to verify a minimum 60% recycling rate for facilities not listed above.

Funding requested

Structural move: Maximum $15,000 per project (up to $5 per square foot).

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