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Close the recycling gap

Close the recycling gap 

Close the recycling gap

About half your home’s recyclables never make it to the recycling bin. To recycle all you can, recycle everywhere you can.

Recycle in every room 

Recycle in every room

We do well recycling kitchen items, but our bathrooms, laundry rooms and home offices have lots of recyclables we throw out.

Expand your recycling habit  

Expand your recycling habit

Use convenient recycling bins and signage, and mix in a little education and fun. See our easy tips to do more.

Tips and tricks to expand your recycling habit

Make recycling in your home easy with these tips and tricks.

Make it convenient logo

Make it convenient

Put a recycling bin, bag or box next to every trash can in your house. Hang a bag on your doorknob for recyclables.

Recycle in the bathroom logo

Recycle in the bathroom

Recycle shampoo bottles, plastic containers from wipes, toothpaste boxes, toilet paper rolls and more.

Make it fun logo

Make it fun

Place a basketball rim above the recycling bin so your family can slam dunk their recyclables.

Recycle in the laundry room logo

Recycle in the laundry room

Recycle laundry detergent and fabric softener bottles, cat litter jugs, dryer sheet boxes and more.

Label it logo

Label it

Label your bins so everyone knows how to sort.

Recycle in the home office logo

Recycle in the home office

Recycle mail, catalogs, magazines, office supply boxes, paper file folders and tissue boxes.

Order supplies

Get free resources to expand your recycling habit, including recycling labels, a bag for collecting recyclables and a recycling guide.

Order recycling resources