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Property information common abbreviations

This is a list of commonly used abbreviations which may be used in tax documents and legal descriptions.

Abbreviation Description
Add Addition
Addn Addition
Adj Adjoining
Aud Auditor
Ave Avenue
Beg Beginning
Bet Between
Blk Block
Bldg Building
Blvd Boulevard
Ctr Center
Com Commencing
Cont Continuing
Cor Corner
Co County
Deg Degrees
Desc Described
Dis  Distance
Dist Distant
Div Dividing
Div Division
E East
Ely Easterly
Equidis Equidistant
Ex Except
Ft Feet
Fol Following
Govt Government
Henn Hennepin
Hwy Highway
In  Inch
Incl Including
Incl Inclusive
Ins Inches
Intersec Intersection
Meas Measured
Min Minutes
Minn Minnesota
Miss  Mississippi
Mpls Minneapolis
Mtka Minnetonka
N North
NE Northeast
Nely Northeasterly
Nly Northerly
No Number
NW Northwest
NWly Northwesterly
par Parallel
Pkwy Parkway
pt Point
R Range
r Rod
rd Road
Reargt Rearrangement
RR Railroad
rt Right
r/w right of way
Ry Railway
S South
SE Southeast
Sec Section
Sely Southeasterly
Sly Southerly
sq Square
st Street
sts Streets
Subd Subdivision
SW Southwest
Swly Southwesterly
T Township
th Thence
thof Thereof
thru Through
vac Vacated
W West
Wly Westerly