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Property assessment special programs

Special tax assessment programs include exemptions and credits based on factors like the nature of the property, the organization, or individual status.

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Charitable organizations, places of worship, schools, local governments and other select organizations can qualify for exemption from property taxes. The property must be used solely for the purpose for which the institution was organized. If requested by the assessor, the applicant must furnish all books and records relating to the ownership or use of the property to verify that it qualifies for exemption.

Property tax exemption is not automatic. Organizations must apply for it.

To apply

1. Fill out an application. Include in the “Principal Use” section the date the organization first had access to use the property.

2. Attach the following documents:

  • Ownership documents:
    Deed or certificate of title
  • Use documents:
    Pamphlets, brochures, letter explaining the function of the entity and how the property is being used in accordance with organizational purpose
  • Proof of 501 (c) (3) status:
    Federal certification of non-profit or exempt status from federal income taxes
  • Articles of incorporation/corporation bylaws:
    Mission statement, organizational purpose, recipients of services
  • Federal Income Tax Form 990 or financial statements:
    A three-year history of expenditures and sources of income
  • (If applicable) Occupancy by tenants:
    Tenant lists, rent rolls, leases, and an outline of the square footage used exclusively by tenants

3. Mail the application and documents.

  • If your assessor is Hennepin County, mail to: Hennepin County Assessor A-2103 Government Center Minneapolis, MN 55487
  • If your assessor is another local government within the county, mail to that office.

Local option disaster abatement or credit

Property owners whose property has been damaged by 50% or more can apply for a temporary reduction in property tax. The reduction would apply in the year the damage occurred or the following year. Property can be homestead or non-homestead. Property can be accidentally damaged, or intentionally destroyed by vandalism or arson committed by someone other than the owner.

To apply

  • Contact your property assessor’s office to report the damage as soon as possible.
  • Your local assessor will review the damage and send a report to the county assessor’s office.
  • The county will send you an application and might request a physical review.
  • Complete and return the application to Hennepin County. Include your insurance report and claim and other pertinent information.
  • Continue to pay your property taxes normally while your application is being processed.
Event Deadline
Property tax exemption applications due February 1
Green acres and rural preserve applications due May 1
Nonprofit community service-oriented organizations applications due May 1
Metro ag preserve applications due to local jurisdiction June 1
Newly-acquired parcel – ownership and use establishment date June 30
Senior citizen property tax deferral applications due July 1
Property tax refund filing deadline (file with the state) August 15
Open space property tax deferral applications due November 3
Disabled veterans market value exclusion applications due December 15
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