Apartment owner survey

The Hennepin County Assessor’s Office is conducting a survey to collect year-end 2015 and year-to-date 2016 information about apartment properties in Hennepin County. We need your help to make sure that the market value assigned to apartment properties in Hennepin County is fair and equitable.

The more complete the information the Assessor’s Office has, the better it can fairly and equitably determine the market value of apartment properties in the county.

All of the information that you provide in response to this survey is considered private, non-public data under Minnesota law and will be kept strictly confidential. Only select county staff will have access to the completed surveys and accompanying information. All data will be stored on a secure county server. None of the information that you provide about your individual property will be shared and information about specific properties responding to this survey will not be revealed in any written or oral reports made about the data.

When completing the survey, please also email a copy of your most current year-end actual and budgeted income and expense statements, and a copy of your current rent roll. If you prefer, you can fax the information to 612-348-8751.


Brad Prchal, Hennepin County Assessor’s Office
For more information, send an email to: ao.aptsurvey@hennepin.us

Thank you for your participation in this survey.