Services for seniors

Our services help seniors live in their communities as independently as possible. We work to make sure seniors and their families know the resources available to help them from the county, state and federal government.

We offer assistance through phone consultations, in-person service assessments, and support planning. For individuals accessing certain community based programs, case management supports may also be provided.

We can help seniors apply for public assistance and navigate through home and community based Medicaid programs, home care services, and specialized housing.

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Help for seniors in their homes

Elderly waiver

The elderly waiver funds home and community-based services for people age 65 and older who are eligible for medical assistance, if they require the level of care provided in a nursing home but choose to reside in the community.

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Elderly waiver program

Elderly waiver brochure (PDF)

Alternative care program

The alternative care program supports certain home and community-based services for eligible Minnesotans, age 65 and older. This cost-sharing program provides home and community-based services to help seniors delay and prevent the transition from care in their homes to nursing facility level of care.

The program shares the cost of care with seniors and helps them to make best use of the resources they have. The end goal is to prevent seniors from falling into poverty.

The program is funded by the state of Minnesota.

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Alternative care program

Alternative care brochure (PDF)

Home care services

Home care services provide medical and health-related services and assistance with day-to-day activities for people in their homes. It can be used to provide short-term care for people moving from a hospital or nursing home back to their homes, or it can be used to provide continuing care to people with ongoing needs. Home care services may also be provided outside the person’s home when normal life activities take them away from home.

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Home care services

Home care brochure (PDF)

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