Become a foster family

Before you register for training, you must attend a foster care information meeting.

Your foster care intake social worker will tell you when to register for these trainings. Registration is required, at least two weeks before the training date.

Your information
Initial children's mental health: required (choose one class from this category)
Introduction to children's mental health, with DHS
Learn about mental health problems that children in foster care often experience.

Recognizing early warning signs of children's mental health, with NAMI MN

Individual classes
Foster care the Hennepin way: nuts and bolts (optional)
Learn how foster care works in Hennepin County.
Initial trauma: the developmental impact of trauma on young children, with Michele Fallon (required)

Navigating multicultural environments (collaborative with MNADOPT and LSS)
Creating environments where each person's culture is honored and respected requires more than simply a desire to be welcoming. Understanding how privilege and oppression play out in unintended ways is essential if we are to create environments where all are included.
Positive discipline for foster families
Understanding what motivates kids to misbehave. What are they seeking? What can you do? Goal is positive discipline (training, molding, correcting). The focus is on solutions, not consequences.

Prudent parenting: normalcy, reasonable and prudent parent training (required)
Prudent parenting training is also available online. Please ask your intake/licensing worker for details.
Racial identity development and self-esteem in successful placements, with Robert O'Connor (required)
This session will provide tools, theories, and insights for supporting youth in all their important developmental task of discovering self, and feeling good about the skin they're in.

Relative/kin foster care
This course is intended for those caring for children they know. A beginner's class to help you understand how to provide care in Hennepin County. This class is optional, but helpful to understand paper work and what to expect while maintaining a relative/kin foster care license.

Sudden unexpected infant death/abusive head trauma and car seat safety

Car seat safety is required for all foster parents who will transport children will also be required, but can also attend at no cost.

Fees: free to Hennepin County foster parents and those helping with the care or transport of a Hennepin County foster parent's foster children. $25 for each session for all other attendees. Pay by check or money order only, to Hennepin County Treasurer.

Location for classes will be at Brookdale human services, 6125 Shingle Creek Parkway, Brooklyn Center, 55430.

Car seat safety

Sudden unexpected infant death and abusive head trauma