Xiarianna and Justice

Xiarianna (Xia) (11) is a kind, caring, friendly, and helpful. She tries her best, wants to learn, and is not shy. Her favorite subjects in school are Math, recess, and lunch. When it comes to school, she asks questions and is a hard worker. Xia loves basketball, dance, and pets. Her favorite foods include pizza, macaroni and cheese, chicken, salads, apples, bananas, oranges, and cherries.

Justice (5) is a gentle and empathetic boy who listens and plays well with others. He loves playing in the water, riding his bike, swimming, taking baths, and listening to music. Justice enjoys cuddling and anything Mickey Mouse. His favorite foods are yogurt and beef sticks.

Xia and Justice love animals and would enjoy having a pet.  A family without a lot of other children in the home would be ideal so that they can each get the one-on-one attention they deserve. 

Following adoption, Xia and Justice need to maintain contact with their grandmother and great grandmother.

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