Talondre , 17

Male, Black or African American

Talondre is a curious and perceptive teen. His charm, energy, and smile tend to earn him the attention of others. People who know Talondre well describe him as "funny and playful, engaging and sweet." He cares deeply for people, particularly his siblings and caregivers, and is fiercely loyal. Talondre does well in school and enjoys helping his peers when needed, his teachers call him a great leader and role model. He is an active youth who loves to play basketball, video games, and help out around the house, including cooking meals. Talondre takes pride in his appearance and appreciates good style (especially sneakers!). When he has the chance, Talondre jumps at any opportunity to play with the neighbors and go to the park. Talondre loves music, specifically Adele, Whitney Houston, and Gospel. Talondre is known to have a "kind heart" and be a "great helper." He likes attending basketball games, spending time with friends, and sometimes going to church. Talondre enjoys going on long road trips — his favorite was a trip down south. Was there mention that he loves basketball? And basketball statistics! Currently, his favorite team is the Lakers. Talondre gets along with both is peers and adults on and off the basketball court.

Talondre would like to stay in a suburban or metro area where there are lots of things to do and opportunities for different activities, access to services, and has racial mirrors. He has been open to talking about the types of families he feels would be best for him. Talondre and his team are generally open to the makeup of any family. Most of all, Talondre needs hard-working parents, an unconditional commitment, and desperately needs to know that he is wanted and that he belongs.

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