Taj, 12

Male, Black or African American

Taj is active and willing to try new things. He strives to become an all-star boxer! He is a very intelligent kid and does especially well in math and reading.

Taj believes in God, is interested in the Bible, and enjoys going to church. Taj says that he “loves building relationships, but hates losing them”. He is a fun kid to be around with a great sense of humor. He enjoys trying different foods such as African and Chinese food but reports he would choose pizza as his favorite.

Taj has a variety of interests including boxing, swimming, Pokemon, videogames, gardening, and going to Valleyfair! He is a very good writer and is very insightful!

When Taj gets to spend quality time with the adults in his life, he feels very special and values these moments. He is sweet, helpful, and caring.

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