K, 17

Female, Black or African American

K is smart, funny, and easy to talk to. She is a strong advocate for herself and has big goals for her future. K enjoys roller skating, doing her hair and makeup, and shopping, especially thrifting. She also really enjoys watching movies and television of many genres. K is an avid reader. She likes romantic novels and books that she can relate to.

K also appreciates good music and art. She even dabbles in playing the ukulele. K maintains a pescatarian lifestyle, her favorite foods include sushi and Takis.

K is open to most types of families; from ethnic backgrounds to single parent, two parent, same sex couples and hetero couples. She would prefer being the only child in a home. However, she is open to having younger or older children in the home. She would like a family pet.

K identifies as transgender; an open and welcoming LGBTQ+ friendly home will be essential. She is comfortable in suburban communities but would also be open to living in an urban community setting. She would prefer not to live in a rural area.

Following adoption K would need to remain in contact with her sister.

Only Minnesota families are being considered at this time.

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