Kieony and Tameia

Kieony is a clever, funny and caring boy with a great sense of humor and budding intellect. He is particularly good at math and science. Kieony likes telling jokes, reading (and being read to) before bed, solving riddles and Sudoku puzzles, and completing MadLibs. He enjoys activity books, playing video games, and going on bike rides (when there aren't too many bugs out). Kieony also enjoys cooking, and baking. He will try new foods; however, his favorites include pizza, chicken wings, chips, ice cream and cookies. Building things and zipping through 300-piece puzzles are other enjoyable activities. Kieony loves pets and spending quality time with loved ones. After a trip to the north shore, he became interested in geodes, collecting agates (and other interesting rocks) and reading roadmaps. Kieony has taken swimming and karate lessons and is learning to play the viola.

Tamiea is a kind, caring and engaging girl who likes helping others. She has a great sense of humor and will make you laugh with her jokes. Tamiea enjoys cooking, swimming, arts and crafts, and watching scary movies. She also enjoys reading, going for walks, and playing with dogs. Tamiea has lots of fun animal facts to share and loves going to school. She also loves fashion, accessories, shopping and experimenting with makeup and hair. Tamiea likes to eat sushi and spicy foods, including spicy chips, hot wings, and spicy ramen. Tamiea would like to travel and get involved in singing, dancing, and gymnastics.

Child's Photo
Child's Photo

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