KayIsis, 17

Female, Black or African American

Kaylsis is a smart and interesting teenager with a quirky sense of humor. She enjoys thrifting, listening to music, working out at the gym, playing video games, and taking long walks. She likes to wear her hair in box braids or dreads and has fun trying out various color combinations.

Kaylsis loves to travel. She has visited the Pacific Northwest region and hopes to visit Greece or Italy someday to experience their food and culture. Kaylsis loves animals and hopes her adoptive family will have pets. Her choice to be a vegetarian is due to her love of animals. KayIsis enjoys cooking and hopes to attend college to become a biomedical engineer. She would like to get a job and earn money.

Kaylsis would like to live in an area with racial diversity, but is open regarding the race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation of her adoptive parents.

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