Ayden , 11

Non-Binary, Black or African American

Ayden is a spunky, smart, and athletic 11-year-old girl who prefers the pronouns “they” and “them”.  They have exceled in gymnastics and would like to try acting and soccer.  Their siblings are very important to them, so regular contact is essential.  They enjoy animals and are gentle and loving with young children.  Ayden enjoys playgrounds, bike riding, swimming, jigsaw puzzles, art projects, and reading.  A new book is always a treasured gift.  A family that can accept and celebrate Ayden’s emerging identity is a must. 

Ayden’s siblings and therapist live in the Twin Cities area, so a home in that area is being sought.  Their heritage is Liberian and they identify as Liberian, American, and Black.  It will be important for an adoptive family to ensure that Ayden has opportunities to be in diverse settings for school and recreation and to support them in developing a positive view of their identity.  Ayden has relatives in the Twin Cities area with whom they would like to maintain contact.


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