Ashantez , 15

Male, Black or African American

Ashantez (Tez) is a polite, honest, funny, and sweet teenager. He is very good at playing basketball which is his favorite sport. He also excels at playing football. Tez says if he's not playing video games, he can often be found playing basketball. While playing basketball is definitely his favorite way to enjoy the sport, he likes watching it as well. His favorite team is the Brooklyn Nets because his favorite player, Kyrie Irving is on the team. Tez enjoys spending much of his free time with friends, joking around, listening to music and watching SpongeBob SquarePants.

The right family for Tez would be patient, flexible, and have clear and consistent expectations. They would allow him some space to learn decision making skills while also enforcing boundaries. Following adoption, Tez would need to maintain contact with his birth family.

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