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Adult mental health initiative

Adult Mental Health Initiatives (AMHI) are regional collaborations charged with overseeing adult mental health services, and funding to counties and tribal governments in their area. Minnesota’s AMHI was established in 1995 by legislation that authorized pilot projects for making systemic changes in the mental health service delivery system for adults with serious and persistent mental illness.

Each regional or county AMHI in the State differs in scope of authority, mission and membership. Hennepin County’s AMHI began as an operations group that supported a range of intensive case management teams. The expansion of Medicaid-funded new models of service in the mid-2000s allowed AMHI funding to shift to other needs in the community.

Upcoming meetings

Starting in 2022, meetings will be held bi-annually instead of quarterly. Please join us on the following dates in 2022:

  • Thursday, May 12
  • Thursday, October 13

Time: 2:30–4 p.m.

Location: Meetings are currently being held virtually via Microsoft Teams.

If you are interested in joining, contact Todd Heintz to request a Teams invitation.

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The role of Hennepin County’s AMHI entails:

  • Identifying what is new and working within the mental health system, as well as what gaps remain
  • Identifying where collaborative and coordinated efforts among people with lived experience, providers and stakeholders can support and sustain a “system” or network of services/support that is complementary, offers continuity, and is inclusive of the voice of the consumer and community
  • Setting priorities for developing and maintaining effective recovery and community-based mental health services within Hennepin County
  • Receiving input from the Adult Mental Health Local Advisory Council (LAC) on unmet needs

Hennepin County’s AMHI includes representatives from the LAC, case management, community support programs, the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS), managed care organizations, Hennepin County Health and Human Services, and other community mental health providers.

The AMHI oversees grant funding for community support programs, housing subsidies, supportive housing, transportation and uncompensated care for individuals receiving case management, assertive community treatment and intensive residential treatment services.

DHS and AMHIs across Minnesota recognize the importance of demonstrating the need and impact of AMHI grant funds. The current allocations are not viewed as equitable or defensible, and a new formula for identifying need and distributing funding is being developed. Hennepin County Health and Human Services, in partnership with community stakeholders, seeks to re-examine Hennepin County’s AMHI role, governance and membership in preparation for statewide changes in 2023 for how AMHI grant funding is allocated.

AMHI reform mission and principles

AMHIs are dedicated to improving the mental health of their communities through intentional planning and partnerships across a region grounded in the following principles:

  • Lived experience with mental illness guides the governance and services
  • Brings together people with lived experience, providers, counties, tribes, MCOs and the DHS to fully utilize all available resources to meet regional needs
  • Develops and provides an array of person-centered services that builds on personal and cultural strengths
  • Utilizes a data-driven model to evaluate the impact of services on health outcomes
  • Ensures access to and coordination of resources through creative partnerships
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