Public health emergencies

In an emergency, call 911

The Hennepin County Public Health Emergency Preparedness department works continually to build the county’s capacity to respond to large-scale public health emergencies.

We work cooperatively with federal, state and local agencies, and with local hospitals and clinics to plan and coordinate emergency responses.

We communicate with county residents to ensure that everyone has effective and accurate information about potential health and safety risks.

We work to investigate and limit outbreaks of infectious disease, and to control its spread.

Read more about how to stay safe, and how you might help.

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Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps

These volunteers provide direct medical, mental health and cultural care to residents and communities during public health emergencies.

Volunteers are trained by Hennepin County to support and enhance the county’s public health efforts: routine public health activities, emergency preparedness and emergency response.

These volunteers help improve the health, safety and resiliency of residents and communities.

Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps activities 

  • Help with vaccine clinics
  • Help with cultural outreach to communities affected by particular health issues or events
  • Give on-site medical care at stand-up clinics
  • Help at registration desks
  • Help greet or welcome people at a public health clinic or event
  • Help distribute medication during a public health emergency
  • Staff any major catastrophic mass casualty event (such as the 35W bridge collapse)
  • Staff family assistance centers to care for those who’ve lost loved ones

Types of volunteers needed

  • Behavioral health: therapists, social workers, chaplains and others in the helping professions
  • Cultural liaison: people with cross-cultural or language skills
  • Clinical and medical: nurses, doctors, paramedics and others in the medical field
  • Others who can help in areas like welcoming, escorting or registration

Applying for the volunteer Medical Reserve Corps

Apply for the volunteer Medical Reserve Corps through the State of Minnesota. Once you apply, a county staff member will contact you.

Medical Reserve Corps online application

For questions or for help with the application 

Trenton Daugherty

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