City and school district election clerks

Find training materials used in Hennepin County's elections training.

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Election judge training materials for clerks

Hennepin County election judge manual

  • 2018 Election judge manual (DOCX 34MB)

2018 election judge duty cards

  • Poll book judge duty card (DOCX)
  • Poll book registration IDs duty card (DOCX)
  • Opening the polling place (DOCX)
  • Closing the polling place (DOCX)
  • Greeter judge (DOC)
  • Ballot judge (DOC)
  • AutoMARK judge (DOC)
  • Demo judge — primary (DOC)
  • Demo judge — general (DOC)
  • Ballot counter judge (DOC)

Other documents

  • 2018 Training plan (DOC)

Election day forms

Election day forms

Hennepin County

  • Ballot tracking form (DOC)
  • Election day feedback form (DOC)
  • Incident log form (DOC)
  • Materials return 2018 primary (DOC)
  • Materials return 2018 general (DOC) - revised 9/21
  • Official precinct certification form (DOCX)
  • Record of attempted registrations form (DOC)
  • Report of deceased voter form (DOC)
  • Roster correction form (DOCX)
  • Voter statistics worksheet 2018 primary (DOC)
  • Voter statistics worksheet 2018 general (DOC)
  • Write-in tally form (DOC)


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