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Portland Avenue bicycle and pedestrian link

County Road 35 in Minneapolis and Richfield

Hennepin County, in coordination with City of Minneapolis, City of Richfield, Minnesota Department of Transportation and Metro Transit, reconfigured a segment of Portland Avenue between 60th and 67th streets in Minneapolis and Richfield.

Construction activities completed in 2021.

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Portland Avenue bike and pedestrian project is complete

Major construction activities were complete in fall 2021, crews replaced underground utilities and constructed much of the new trails, curbs, sidewalks and pedestrian ramps.

Crews will return in spring 2022 to finalize any maintenance or repairs that are needed.

All of Portland Avenue is open to traffic throughout winter 2022.

When we return in spring 2022 to complete the remaining activities, we will ask you to stay aware, use extra caution and slow down when driving through the construction area.

Portland Avenue is among the county’s most biked corridors. It connects downtown Minneapolis and north with the Interstate 494 employment corridor, Minneapolis-St. Paul airport and southeast Hennepin County.

The project will complete a critical bicycle transportation link on Portland Avenue. It will install bikeways, improve facilities for pedestrians and convert a portion of the road from four to three lanes.

Key features of the project

For people walking and needing accessibility features

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant ramps and sidewalk
  • Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS)
  • Durable crosswalk markings
  • Countdown timers

For people on bikes

  • New dedicated trail
  • On-street bike lanes

For people using transit

For people who live and work along the corridor

  • Retain portion of parking in Minneapolis
  • Improve access for all people going to local businesses

Safety improvements and updates for all users

  • Additional dedicated turn lanes
  • Improve traffic signal timing by utilizing video detection software
  • New flashing yellow arrow turn signals
  • Revised locations for traffic signals based on usage data and safety needs
  • 4 to 3 lane conversion

Next steps

  • Minneapolis and Richfield city council approvals of project concept in March 2019
  • Final design 2019–2020
  • Construction between March and October 2021

Hennepin County

City of Minneapolis

City of Richfield

Metro Transit

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