Portland Avenue safety improvements

County Road 35 in Bloomington

Hennepin County, in partnership with the City of Bloomington, will be making safety improvements along Portland Avenue between American Boulevard East and Old Shakopee Road. Construction is expected to begin summer 2018.

Improvements are being made to better meet current and future needs of people driving, walking, biking and commuting through the area. 

Improvements planned for this corridor include:

  • Smoother ride surface 
  • Converting from 4-lane road to 3-lane road, one through lane in each direction and a shared left turn lane in the center
  • Providing on-street bike lanes
  • An enhanced pedestrian crossing at East 82nd Street with street lighting

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Signal removal study started in February 

Before construction can begin, Hennepin County will be gathering data along Portland Avenue (County Road 35). Beginning in February the traffic signal at Portland Avenue and East 82nd Street will be hooded and replaced with a stop sign. Traffic along Portland Avenue will be free flowing and traffic on East 82nd Street will be stop sign controlled.

During the study crews will be reviewing and collecting data along the corridor. Types of data include:

  • observing intersection movements
  • collecting vehicle speeds
  • investigating traffic patterns
  • analyzing  wait times at the intersection
Construction improvement work based on the results of the study will begin summer 2018. Pending the results of this study, this may include permanent removal of the signal at Portland Avenue and East 82nd Street. 

Public involvement

Open houses

Hennepin County, in partnership with the City of Bloomington, held two open houses for the reconstruction of Portland Avenue in 2017. More information can be found on Bloomington's website.

Hennepin County staff will continue to have on-going meetings with local residents. If you have comments, questions or if you would like to talk to project staff please contact Nate Hood at nathaniel.hood@hennepin.us.

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