Statement regarding the murder of George Floyd

The murder of George Perry Floyd and the subsequent unrest has shaken our community. Mr. Floyd’s death is not only a tragedy for his family and loved ones, but a moment of trauma reverberating throughout the world. It exposes the continued trauma faced by Black, Indigenous and people of color as the result of hundreds of years of systemic and institutional racism and continued marginalization.

Our organization has dedicated itself to reducing disparities throughout the county but especially in the communities most affected by the tragedies of these last 12 days. We recognize these events further impact disparities, but we must have hope for recovery and rebuilding, and Hennepin County must be a part of that healing.

Our community and organization will be defined by how we respond. We must acknowledge our organization’s role in institutional racism and disparity creation. We can and we must look at our policies and our practices to make changes. And we must engage our clients and residents for help with identifying and naming racial disparities and proposing solutions. We will strengthen our resolve to reduce disparities for all our residents.