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Lyndale Avenue 2021 safety improvements

County Road 22 in Minneapolis

Hennepin County, in coordination with the City of Minneapolis and other partners, is making safety improvements on Lyndale Avenue (County Road 22) at 25th and 27th streets in 2021.

This is part of an ongoing process to improve overall safety for the popular corridor between Franklin Avenue (County Road 5) and Lake Street (County Road 3).

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Improving safety for all users

The work for 2021 will do the following at 25th and 27th street intersections:

  • Improve crossing experience for people walking and rolling
  • Increase visibility of people walking and rolling in the area
  • Reduce number of conflict points for people using Lyndale Avenue for biking, walking, rolling and driving

To meet these goals, the county will be:

  • Replacing the temporary delineators that were installed at 25th and 27th street intersections last year with a raised center median
  • Adding marked crosswalks at 25th and 27th streets
  • Adding flashing pedestrian crossing beacons
  • Improving lighting at the 25th and 27th street intersections
  • Upgrading pedestrian curb ramps at the 25th and 27th intersections

Ensuring access for businesses and residents along the corridor

Lyndale Avenue is a lively and popular corridor that is home to several businesses. In addition, it is a key connector for residents who live in the area. Work on this corridor will include engaging with businesses and residents to ensure they are heard as they discuss their overall needs and desires.

Community listening session

In 2019, Hennepin County hosted a community listening session to gather input about the safety needs and desires for Lyndale Avenue. Information from this meeting was collected and has been used by the county as it has moved forward to address community concerns.

Ongoing commitment

Hennepin County continues to communicate and engage with the community. Since the community listening session in 2019, the county has also been gathering data and reviewing engineering for Lyndale Avenue. With this work complete for the time being and new efforts underway to make improvements, the county will provide additional opportunities to engage regarding Lyndale Avenue.

Provide your feedback

Share your comments and questions using the Lyndale Avenue input form.

Project feedback and general comments

To provide feedback regarding the 2021 safety improvement project, your most efficient resource will be to use the project comment form.

Submit your comments using the Lyndale Avenue input form.

If you need additional information or have a more urgent need, use the following:

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