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Careers at Hennepin County

We care about your employee experience. Here, you can have a fulfilling career with opportunities to work in a variety of areas.

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Competitive pay

We recognize your performance with competitive pay. We also offer opportunities for pay increases, promotions and exploring other work areas.

Generous benefits

Benefits include:

  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Paid time off and 11 paid holidays
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Three weeks paid parental leave
  • Tuition reimbursement of up to $5,250 per year
  • Retirement plan with employer contribution
  • Benefits summary

A supportive culture

Hennepin County’s core values are diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, continuous improvement, workforce development, and customer service.

We live these values by supporting our employees in various ways:

  • New employee academy to support you in your first year here
  • Employee resource groups and collaborative communities
  • Mentoring program
  • Coaching to identify and make the most of your strengths
  • Employee career center with tools, resources and training on how to advance in your career
  • Volunteer opportunities

Work that matters

When you work for local government, you improve the lives of family, friends and neighbors. County employees work every day to improve residents’ health, safety and quality of life.

Hennepin County is the largest county in Minnesota, serving over 1.2 million residents in 45 cities. Minneapolis is the county seat.

What drives our work is our mission, vision, goals and core values.

A snapshot of what we do

  • Operate 41 libraries: 64% of residents have a library card
  • Maintain almost 600 miles of county roads and almost 150 bridges
  • Manage over 250 outdoor warning sirens
  • Help over 14,000 adults and children with disabilities live as independently as possible
  • Respond to over 18,000 mental health crisis calls each year
  • Provide medical, dental and mental health services to over 25,000 people each year at NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center
  • Keep over 80% of the county’s waste out of landfills to be reused, recycled, composted, or burned to create energy

Fast facts

  • Over 9,000 employees
  • Over 250 paid internships every year
  • About one fifth of Minnesota’s population lives in Hennepin County
  • One third of Minnesota’s population works in Hennepin County
  • Over 125 work sites

The internship experience

Earn while you learn. Internships start at $20 per hour. The county offers hundreds of different internships every year. You gain valuable work experience with a recognizable organization. You get the opportunity to make an impact on people’s quality of life. You can build connections with professionals across the organization.

As an intern, you’ll receive:

  • Hands-on training for your work area
  • Professional development support
  • Access to a variety of career paths

Work areas

  • Business operations (e.g., accounting, finance, economics, human resources, and management)
  • Communications (e.g., marketing, graphic design, and political science)
  • Environment and energy (e.g., sustainability, forestry and urban planning)
  • Health (e.g., public health, nursing, pharmacy, and health insurance)
  • Information technology (e.g., development, quality assurance, service desk, project management, and networking)
  • Social services (e.g., social work, sociology, psychology, and urban studies)
  • Public safety (e.g., law enforcement, civil and criminal law, corrections, and rehabilitation)
  • Public works (e.g., engineering, transportation planning, and road and bridge construction)

Hear from our interns

Working as an intern at Hennepin County (YouTube)

Internship eligibility

You must be either:

  • A student working toward a degree or certificate from an accredited school (this may include high school students)
  • A recent high school or college graduate (within six months of graduation)

International students may be eligible.

To apply for an internship

  • We typically accept applications in September, January and May
  • Application may require cover letter, resume and answers to essay questions

Current internship openings

Urban Scholars

  • 12-week summer internship program starting in May
  • For students of ethnically and racially diverse backgrounds
  • Exposure to resume-building experiences and receiving professional development in leadership, project management and public speaking skills
  • Hennepin County works with the City of Minneapolis to host Urban Scholar interns

Minimum requirements

  • Current undergraduate student in good standing at a two-year or four-year college or university or recent graduate
  • Must have completed first year of post-secondary education
  • Be available to work full time (40 hours per week)

When to apply

We take applications in January and February.

Current internship openings

Graduate Fellowship Program

  • Year-long program
  • Masters level students or higher
  • Formal training in professional development
  • Networking opportunities as a cohort with other graduate fellows across the county

Minimum requirements

  • Year-long commitment starting in May
  • Currently enrolled as a graduate student

Examples of graduate fellow projects

  • Organics recycling policy public engagement and research
  • Employee performance review process enhancement
  • Eviction prevention strategies evaluation

When to apply

We take applications in January and February.

Current openings for the graduate fellowship program

High school internships

  • Work at the library or through the Step Up and BrookLynk programs
  • Get hands-on work experience for pay
  • Do work such as answering phones, working a reception desk and small project work

Step Up

  • Summer internship
  • A partnership of City of Minneapolis, AchieveMPLS, CareerForce Minneapolis, and Project for Pride in Living
  • Applications taken in January
  • Apply through Achieve MPLS


After you apply

  1. Once you submit your application you’ll get a confirmation email immediately.
  2. After the application deadline Human Resources reviews applications for minimum qualifications for the job. We may do additional screenings.
  3. You’ll get an email stating whether or not you’re moving ahead in the process. This usually happens within one week after the application deadline.
  4. The hiring manager reviews applications and invites candidates to interview.
  5. Candidates interview for the job.
  6. The hiring manager makes an offer to a candidate.

If you’re offered a position

You must pass any required check before the job offer is final. Applicants with convictions are not automatically disqualified. Each case is reviewed individually. For questions call 612-348-7855.

Required checks may include:

  • Criminal background check
  • Driver’s license check
  • Psychological test
  • Drug or alcohol test
  • Language assessment for jobs requiring bilingual skills

The hiring manager will confirm your benefits, pay, start date, and other details.

New employees

  • Attend new employee orientation
  • Fill out forms for taxes, work authorization and benefits registration
  • Serve a probationary period for 6-12 months depending on the job or work area

Jobs open only to internal applicants

Some jobs are open only to employees who already work at the county. Internal job openings clearly state internal applicants only.

By state law, we follow a process for granting veteran’s preference to qualified applicants. The law is the Minnesota Veteran's Preference Act.

Veteran’s preference applicants must be a U.S. citizen or resident alien.

They must also meet one of these criteria:

  • A veteran (as defined by Minnesota Statute 197.447)
  • A disabled veteran (veteran with a compensable service connected disability)
  • The spouse of a deceased veteran
  • The spouse of a disabled veteran

Applying for veteran's preference status

Attach a copy of the DD214 (and if needed, other proof clearly stating the length of active service and type of discharge) to your job application.

The form(s) count toward all jobs you apply for at the county.

Some positions require you to get a county driver permit.

As a condition of your job offer, you must meet both these requirements.

1. Pass driver training

You must take one of these:

  • 8-hour defensive driving course or
  • Advanced drivers training approved by the county

2. Pass a review of your driving record

  • You must have a valid license
  • Two or more moving violations in the last three years prompts a closer review
  • We may review licenses more regularly if needed

Who can apply

Some job postings are open only to current employees:

  • Must be a regular or probationary employee
  • Temporary employees are not eligible

Regular employees

  • Hired into a regular position and has passed a probationary period
  • Employees in an acting position or mobility assignment to another department are not eligible for opportunities in that department. Those employees remain eligible for opportunities within their permanent department.

Temporary employees

Temporary employees are not eligible for jobs open only to internal candidates. Temporary employee categories include:

  • Limited duration
  • Grant
  • Trainee
  • Seasonal
  • Unclassified
  • Intern
  • Volunteer

Limited duration employees

  • Up to two years and fewer than 20 hours per week or irregular work schedule, no benefits
  • Six months or less up to 40 hours per week, no benefits
  • Scheduled hours, six months to two years, and 20 or more hours per week, earns benefits

Grant-funded employees

  • Position is defined by terms of the grant

Trainee employees

  • Enrolled in approved training with no status as an employee

Seasonal employees

  • Employed for seasonal work for specific period
  • Limited to nine months of employment in any 12-month period

Unclassified employees

  • Appointed or elected individuals

Questions about your employment status

Contact your payroll contact or the HR Service Center at 612-348-7855 or

In collaboration with our community partners, Pathways programs are designed to train people in fields that are in demand. Fields include health care clerical, office specialist, human services, and building operations. You will get training, work experience and support. This can lead to a job at Hennepin County or with other employers.

Participants are typically people who are unemployed or underemployed and have experienced barriers to getting better jobs.

Learn more

Program offerings and schedules vary.

Virtual information sessions are held every Monday at 10 a.m. Please visit the Project for Pride in Living website for more information.

Our commitment to the regional workforce

Learn more about Hennepin Pathways’ contribution to the regional economy.

Recruiter contact info

Talk to a recruiter to see if we are the right employer for you. Job seekers are free to contact us.

Jessica Damm, Recruitment Supervisor

Email Jessica at

  • County Administration Line of Business:
    • APEX Intranet
    • Budget and Finance
    • County Administration
    • County Commissioners
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    • Housing and Economic Development
    • Human Resources
    • Intergovernmental Relations
    • Labor Relations
  • Director and Assistant County Administrator postings
  • Medical Examiner's Office

Abbie Hugunin, Recruiter

Email Abbie at

  • Hennepin Health
  • Human Services
  • Law, Safety and Justice Line of Business:
    • Adult Representation Services
    • Community Corrections and Rehabilitation
    • County Attorney's Office
    • Public Defender's Office
    • Sheriff's Office
  • Library and Law Library
  • Public Works Line of Business:
    • Environment and Energy
    • Public Works
    • Transportation – Project Delivery
    • Transportation – Operations

Megan Baer, Recruiter

Email Megan at

  • Disparities Reduction Line of Business:
    • Center for Innovation and Excellence
    • Education Support Services
    • Purchasing and Contract Services
  • NorthPoint Health and Wellness
  • Operations Line of Business:
    • Assessor's Office
    • Audit, Compliance, and Investigation Services
    • Communication and Engagement Services
    • Emergency Management
    • Examiner of Titles
    • Facility Services
    • Information Technology
    • Resident and Real Estate Services
  • Public Health

Updated: March 14, 2022

Job fairs where you can meet a county recruiter

Check back for upcoming event information.

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