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Connecting people to housing

Hennepin County is moving toward a vision in homelessness is rare, brief, and nonrecurring – and that all residents have equitable access to increased housing stability. Our collaborative efforts work to mobilize the resources needed to help keep people in their homes or help them find and sustain new homes.

Eviction prevention

5,000 households supported with emergency rental assistance in 2023. 

We are moving toward the vision of an eviction-free community, where homelessness is a rare occurrence. We provide emergency rental financial assistance, legal support, mediation for renters and landlords, and we support navigating housing options so that residents can find a housing solution and preserve their long-term housing stability.

Emergency shelter

9,000 people per year temporarily sheltered while looking for housing options.

Hennepin County supports a network of contracted emergency shelters for people experiencing homelessness. Operating as an emergency response to the lack of affordable housing, we provide shelter and other stopgaps to maximize health and safety while ensuring that people have access to the basic services they need as they work on their housing plans.

Housing services

1,429 chronically homeless people housed since July 2017, with a 96% retention rate.

Our housing services help people find and maintain affordable housing. Hennepin County case managers, community partners, and staff work one-to-one with people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. They are often a helping hand for people who are in shelter or experiencing unsheltered homelessness as they take their first steps out of homelessness and into permanent housing.

Our housing work in action

We’ve highlighted some programs and personal stories that dive deeper into the work and give voice to the many people who are at the center of our programs.
women sitting inside with her kids

An unprecedented demand for emergency family shelter

How the county is stepping up to support children and families.

women talking outside

Video: Streets to Housing

One-to-one support that helps transition people to stable housing

men meeting inside

Point in Time Count: A communitywide effort to track trends in homelessness 

The annual Point in Time Count helps track long-term trends in homelessness over time, and brings the community together to connect with residents in need.

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