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Frosty Four Challenge fosters holistic employee well-being

Public Health Promotion offers free trainings for employers in the county to learn how to encourage employee health and well-being. In December 2022, Public Health Promotion's worksite team led a training on “The Frosty Four,” one of their most popular workplace wellness campaigns. The four-week challenge encourages employees to develop habits for physical, mental, social, and financial health. 100 percent of attendees would recommend the training to others.

What is The Frosty Four?

The Frosty Four is based on the latest research and interests of local wellness coordinators, but it has been around for nearly 20 years. It was originally a winter weight maintenance campaign based on the habits of folks in the National Weight Control Registry. The campaign has since evolved to be more holistic, focused on the four pillars of well-being: physical, mental, social, and financial health, with monitoring weight as an optional component.

This year’s training included an overview of the campaign, tips for successful implementation, and presentations from two “model worksites” who attended last year’s training and implemented the campaign at their workplaces. Attendees especially appreciated those presentations and the opportunity to share with and learn from each other through discussion. The training gave nearly 100 workplace wellness champions tools and best practices to implement the campaign at their worksites.

Find upcoming worksite campaigns

The Frosty Four is offered every December, but workplace wellness trainings and campaigns take place throughout the year. Upcoming worksite campaigns