Wood: treated

Special attention

Hennepin County Drop-off Facilities do not accept treated wood, including railroad ties, lumber, landscaping timber, deck wood, fencing or decking.

Please review other disposal options for this item from the list below.

Do not burn treated wood. Treated wood contains preservatives to protect it from water damage, fungal decay and insect infestation, which is released into the atmosphere if you burn it.

Recommended disposal options

Bring to a landfill or transfer station

Treated wood must be taken to a landfill or transfer station. Do not burn treated wood. You can also check with your waste hauler to see if they will pick up small amounts of treated wood.

Minneapolis South Transfer Station

Treated wood is accepted at this facility. More information is available through the Minneapolis Voucher Program.

Rethink and reduce

Consider alternatives to treated wood for your next outdoor project. Ask your lumberyard or home repair retailer for non-toxic treated wood options.