East 46th Street bridge over the Godfrey Parkway

County Road 46 in Minneapolis

Hennepin County, in partnership with the city of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, replaced a bridge on East 46th Street (County Road 46) over the Godfrey Parkway. The bridge is located in the Grand Rounds district just west of the Ford Bridge spanning the Mississippi River.

The new bridge features wider travel lanes and upgraded trails to better accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists and commuters.

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Construction updates

Bridge replacement is complete

The replacement of the East 46th Street Bridge (County Road 46) over the Godfrey Parkway is now complete.

Construction began in spring 2017. Improvements were made to better accommodate people driving, walking, running, biking and rolling on the bridge, as well as on Godfrey Parkway below.

The new single span bridge was redesigned to resemble the original structure built in 1926 and incorporated aesthetic characteristics from surrounding parkway infrastructure.

Godfrey Parkway and 46th Street Bridge face

Completed East 46th Street Bridge and Godfrey Parkway

Features of the new bridge

The project provided several benefits for people using 46th Street to travel around the area.

For people driving

  • Wider driving lanes for both directions of traffic on the bridge

For people walking, running, biking and rolling

  • Wider trails on both sides of the bridge
  • Enhanced safety features, including concrete barriers separating driving lanes and trails

Bridge deck

New trails and driving lane son the East 46th Street Bridge

The project also provided an opportunity to make other improvements in the area, including new landscaping and new street lights. And, for Godfrey Parkway users, there is a new trail and roadway for a smoother ride.

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