Flying Cloud Drive reconstruction

County Road 61 in Eden Prairie and Chanhassen

Hennepin County, in coordination with MnDOT, Carver County, and the cities of Eden Prairie and Chanhassen, is reconstructing Flying Cloud Drive (County Road 61) between Highway 101 and Charlson Road.

The new roadway will improve the driving surface and safety along the corridor. The road will be raised above the 100-year flood plain to help minimize the potential for road closures during Minnesota River flood events. The project will also add a multi-use trail along the north side of the road that will fill the gap in the trail network from Shakopee to Eden Prairie.

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Construction updates

Traffic information and access

Flying Cloud Drive reopened November 26

On November 26, crews reopened Flying Cloud Drive between Highway 101 and Spring Road.

This project is 90 percent complete. There will be one lane for each direction of traffic for the duration of winter. However, lane restrictions and short-term closures are expected when crews return in spring 2020 to finish work.

Speed reduction

Even with the road open to traffic, crews are still on site. The speed limit will remain at 45 miles per hour between Highway 101 and Charlson Road until the project has been completed in spring 2020.

Construction staging and status

The project is being completed in two stages. Both stages include full closures to through traffic. The closures are needed due to the work area — including steep bluffs and nearby wetlands — and to complete the project within the schedule. Local access will be maintained for residents and businesses.

Stage 1 completed in 2018

Work completed during the first stage included:

  • Reconstructed the Riley Creek Bridge
  • Reconstructed Flying Cloud Drive between Spring Road and Charlson Road
  • Built retaining walls
  • Realigned Spring Road and paving the new road for a smoother ride

flying cloud drive stage 1 road improvements
Reopened segment from Stage 1 near Charlson Road.

Stage 2 will be completed in spring 2020

We expect lane restrictions and short-term closures when crews return in the spring to finish work.

Remaining work will include:

  • Painting retaining walls
  • Adding final layer of asphalt throughout corridor
  • Paving multi-use trail on the north side of the road
  • Completing final grading, seeding and landscaping
  • Placing final striping and pavement markings

flying cloud drive retaining wall
Concrete facing along retaining wall East of Riley Creek.

Project information

This section of Flying Cloud Drive (County Road 61) is a turnback from Minnesota Department of Transportation in 2009 and was previously known as Highway 212.

Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) approval

In May 2014, Hennepin County provided a draft EAW for public comment. After the public comment concluded, staff reviewed comments and provided responses. The responses can be found in the Finding of Fact and Conclusion document below.

Nearby related project

Carver County, in partnership with the City of Chanhassen and MnDOT, are working together on the Highway 101 Project in the Minnesota River bluff area. This project will ease traffic congestion and address growing safety concerns on approximately 1-mile of Highway 101 in Chanhassen. For more details visit the Carver County Highway 101 project webpage.

Public involvement

Previous events

Construction kick-off event

Hennepin County and Ames staff held an open house March 2, 2018 at Eden Prairie City Center. Materials from the open house are attached below:

Design outreach

Hennepin County also held open houses in April, August and December 2013 for the project. In addition county staff has met with individual property owners along the corridor to discuss the project.

Project leadership and partners

Hennepin County

Carver County

City of Eden Prairie

City of Chanhassen

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