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Flying Cloud Drive repaving project

County Road 61 in Eden Prairie

Hennepin County is planning a repaving project of Flying Cloud Drive (County Road 61) between I-494 and Charlson Road this summer. This month-long project will result in road closures and detours.

Construction began in June.

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Northbound repaving began Sunday, June 26

Our crews have begun repaving northbound lanes of Flying Cloud Drive (County Road 61) between Charlson Road and Technology Drive. 

Northbound closure for repaving

There will be a hard closure of the northbound lanes between Pioneer Trail and Technology Drive for up to ten days, weather permitting. We will temporarily reopen Flying Cloud Drive to all traffic for the Fourth of July weekend and close it again on Tuesday, July 5 to finish repaving.

When crews are working between Charlson Road and Pioneer Trail, you should expect lane closures and delays. However, there should be no full or directional closures.

We expect to complete most of the work that requires lane closures by the end of June or early July. However, crews will be on-site completing other tasks that could result in periodic delays through the end of July.

Access and detour

Through traffic will need to use the signed detour to get around the closure. Local traffic will need to use alternate routes to access businesses and residences along Flying Cloud Drive.

We will continue to provide access to roads intersecting Flying Cloud Drive within the closure area. We have flaggers at the intersections to guide people. When necessary, you can expect us to fully close intersections for up to an hour to complete the repaving.


When driving, you will need to use the following signed detour to get around the closure:

  • Pioneer Trail
  • Highway 169
  • I-494

Using the signed detour will keep you from experiencing additional delays and getting frustrated. It will also help local streets stay safe for the individuals and families who live and play in the area.

Walking, rolling and biking

When walking, rolling and biking, you will continue to have access to sidewalks and trails.

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