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Mindfulness spotlight challenge

The mindfulness spotlight challenge is a four-week individual challenge where you’ll set a goal for how many mindful minutes you’ll do each week, track your mindful activities, and view your progress towards reaching that goal. The challenge runs from August 2 to 29, 2021.

Challenge details

  • Set a weekly goal for the number of mindfulness minutes you want to accomplish during the challenge -starting with at least 35 minutes a week
  • No device needed – manually track your mindful minutes in the Virgin Pulse app or desktop version
  • Take a Whil Mindfulness 101 session and have those minutes automatically sync to the challenge. Access Whil from the Virgin Pulse benefits page
  • Receive daily tips on how to practice mindfulness and weekly reminders to log your mindful minutes

Wellness points

Earn wellness points for participating in the challenge

  • Join the challenge = 100 points
  • Reach 25% of your challenge goal = 100 points
  • Reach 50% of your challenge goal = 100 points
  • Reach 75% of your challenge goal = 100 points
  • Reach 100% of your challenge goal = 200 points

To register

  • Register in your Virgin Pulse account on the Challenges page (choose Challenges under the Social Menu) 
  • Registration starts July 26, 2021


Number of credits: Earn up to 600 points
Activity type: Online activity
Length of activity: Four weeks




8/2/2021 - 8/29/2021, -