Trade time for fitness

The trade time for fitness program is designed to promote and increase physical activity opportunities for employees and members of their household. Employees can be reimbursed up to $2,000 (gross) dollars per payroll year for fitness-related expenses for themselves or members of their household.

How it works

  • Trade your sick leave or paid time off (PTO) hours to cover fitness-related expenses and the amount is added to your paycheck.
  • Reimbursements are taxable income and will be reported on your Form W-2.
  • Trade time for fitness amounts are added to your regular paycheck as a separate line item and are taxed based on your W-4.
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Fitness-related eligible expenses

Reimbursable expenses

Expenses incurred from purchasing physical activity equipment and/or participating in physical activity opportunities including:

  • Health club memberships (excludes reimbursements from health insurance providers, e.g. Fitness Advantage)
  • Fitness and exercise classes
  • New and used fitness equipment including maintenance, repair, parts and warranties (e.g. treadmill, bicycle, weights)
  • New and used sporting gear (e.g. football, basketball hoop, baseball bat/balls)
  • Fees related to exercise (e.g. sport league registration, court and rink rental, bike locker, equipment rental, etc.)
  • Personal trainers
  • Activity trackers/wearable devices
  • Sales tax and shipping/handling on qualified items
  • Other items/services on reimbursable expense list
  • Non fitness-related reimbursable expenses on exception list

combined reimbursable list

Non-reimbursable expenses

In general, the following expenses are not eligible:

  • Day care or fun club, camping, clubs of a primarily social nature (e.g. country club, golf, bowling, skiing)
  • Fishing or recreational equipment (e.g. tents, packs, coolers), tracing books or manuals
  • Clothing items (e.g. running shoes, hiking boots, jackets, shorts, uniforms, swimsuits)
  • Tips for services, gift cards
  • Fees for park permits, tanning, ski lifts or golf cart rentals
  • Weapons - even if used in conjunction with a sanctioned sport (e.g. paint ball guns and equipment, air rifles, hunting guns and archery equipment)
  • Medical expenses (e.g. lab tests, prescriptions, co-pays, medical equipment)
  • Medical supplies (e.g. stethoscope, blood pressure cuffs)
  • Acupuncture/chiropractic adjustments
  • Food and supplements, even if purchased in conjunction with a weight loss program
  • Ergonomic related items (e.g. sit-to-stand desks, ergonomic mouse/keyboards, chair)
  • Other items/services on the non-reimbursable list

For questions related to eligible and non-eligible items/services, please contact Healthworks at or 612-348-4628.


Employees can submit claims anytime throughout the year. However, please note that there are two deadlines each year in order for reimbursements to fall within the payroll calendar.

  • December 7, 2018 (first Friday in December): deadline to submit a claim for reimbursement towards 2018 $2,000 maximum. (NOTE: claims submitted after December 7, 2018 will be processed, but the reimbursement may be applied to your 2019 $2,000 maximum.)
  • March 1, 2019: deadline to submit claims for purchases made in 2018. Reimbursements will be applied to your 2019 $2,000 maximum.

To ensure claims are processed in the correct calendar year, please wait until January 1, 2019 to submit claims to be applied to the 2019 $2,000 maximum.

Submitting a claim

Step one: Gather proof of payment

You will need to electronically submit proof of payment into APEX.

  • If you already have electronic receipts and documents, save the information to your computer.
  • If you have cash register receipts and hard copies, scan the information and email it to yourself or save it to a file on your computer. The county's MFD printers have instructions on how to do this.

Step two: Complete trade time for fitness reimbursement request

APEX Employee homepage

  • Click on the Total Rewards and Benefits tile
  • In the left pane, click Submit Trade Time for Fitness
  • Click Trade Time for Fitness Form
  • Click Add a Reimbursement Request (bottom)

Request for reimbursement page

1. Leave plan: Select either PTO or Sick Leave (you must have sufficient hours to cover the request)

2. Select Employee or Household member

3. Under Attached File

  • Click Add, then browse to navigate to where you saved your proof of payment in step 1
  • Click Open after you have selected the file
  • Click Upload
  • Click View to review your attached file and to ensure it is legible
  • Use + to add documents (follow steps 1 to 4) or to delete documents

4. Fitness related category: in the drop down menu, select the category that corresponds to your claim

5. Amount requested: must be less than or equal to the amount displayed on your documentation(s)

6. Date paid: Type in the date or use the calendar to select a date (NOTE: use the date on the oldest item when combining multiple receipts/expenses into one claim).

7. Comment: provide clarifications for all expenses claimed. Your claim may be denied if an item/purchase is unclear to Healthworks staff.

8. Click Submit

Checking a claim status

Employees can view the status of all their claims in APEX. However, they will only receive a system generated email when a claim is denied. To view the status in APEX:

APEX Employee homepage

  • Click on the Total Rewards and Benefits tile
  • In the left pane, click Trade Time for Fitness
  • Click Trade Time for Fitness Request
  • On the Reimbursement Summary YTD page, the number at the intersection between Claims YTD and Paid is the total amount you have received in reimbursement this year
  • In the Submitted Requests table, current year claims are listed by Submit Date and Status. Click on the Show all columns icon to the right of the Approval tab for more information on claims. Each claim has one of four statuses:
  • Approved: claim has been approved, but has not been paid.
  • Denied: claim has been denied. Click on the pencil next to the claim number to review the Approver comments or edit the claim. 
  • Paid: claim has been processed and paid. Review information under Payment details such as Payment Date and Amount Paid
  • Submitted: claim was entered in Apex, but has not yet been processed.

For reimbursements from a different year, click the View Another Year button next to the current year.

Frequently asked questions

Employees can claim up to $2,000 gross per payroll year in reimbursement for fitness-related expenses for themselves or for members of their households.  Please note that reimbursement counts toward the year the reimbursement is paid to the employee, not when the purchase was made.

Deadlines/processing time

Are there specific deadlines each pay period?

The deadline for submission is 4:30 p.m. on timecard Friday to be reimbursed on the subsequent paycheck.

Can I apply a purchase to last year’s balance?

No, not after the December deadline, even if you did not use the entire $2,000.

Can I apply a purchase made this year to next year’s balance?

Yes. Please submit your claim between January and March of the following year.

For previous year purchases, what is the deadline to submit a reimbursement request?

The deadline is March of the following year to claim all remaining expenses from the previous year. For the exact deadline date, see the deadlines section above.

How long does it take to process a claim?

Please allow five business days for most claims. In March and December it may take longer because of the volume of claims, please plan accordingly.

Can you hold my claim?

No. Most claims will be processed in the order they are received. Please wait to submit your claim if you would like it paid at a specific time.

Documentation and attachments

What needs to be included in the documentation?

Trade time for fitness is a reimbursement program. Therefore:

  • Documentation must clearly show the item/services purchased
  • It must also clearly demonstrate that the amount claimed was paid

What is allowable documentation?

To be allowable, documentation must clearly list the purchased item/service. Circle the payment on your statement. Allowable documentation includes:

  • "Paid" or cash register receipt
  • Online purchase confirmation
  • Bank/credit card statement (monthly dues only)
  • Bill of sale with: seller's name, address, phone number and signature; equipment purchased; payment information and date; and name of purchaser and signature

Insufficient documentation must be accompanied by a receipt clearly listing the item/service purchased:

  • Canceled check
  • Account statement showing the payment credit

How do I attach the documentation to the claim?

You can only alter claims while their status is submitted or denied

  • Click on the pencil to the right of the claim in Apex
  • Follow the same steps to attach a file (step 2 under submitting a claim)

Request for reimbursement

Can I round up the amount requested?

No. The requested amount must be less than or equal to the total displayed on the receipt(s).

May I combine the amounts for multiple claims?

Yes, you may submit one claim for multiple receipts. Please enter the date of the oldest purchase.

How many hours do I need to cover my reimbursement?

It depends on your hourly rate.

How do I know what my year-to-date (YTD) balance is (how much of the $2,000 is left)?

Year-to-date balance is based on date of reimbursement, not on the date of submission or purchase. Your year-to-date balance is available in APEX

  • On your most recent pay stub
  • On your TTF submitted claims page

Do I have to complete the Comment field?

Yes, it helps explain your receipt, particularly if multiple dates/purchases are combined.

What date do I enter for multiple purchases?

Enter the date of the oldest purchase.

How do I edit a previously submitted claim? (You cannot edit a claim once it has been approved or paid.)

If the claim has already been approved, you cannot edit it.

If the claim has not yet been approved, log-in to APEX

  • Locate the claim you would like to edit
  • Click on the pencil icon next to the claim
  • Make your changes and click submit

What if the claim is for my family?


  • Select Family member 
  • Expenditure details: Activity/Equipment: Select the category that corresponds to your purchase

Which leave should I select?

You may select either Sick or PTO. You must have enough leave balance to cover the reimbursement.

Which fitness related category do I select?

Select the category that best describes the item/service claimed. For receipts with multiple items/services, choose the category for the largest reimbursement requested amount. 

Expenses and eligibility

Whose expenses are eligible

Employee and members of their household.

What expenses are eligible?

See Fitness-related eligible expenses drawer above.

Employees on leave and special categories

What if I do not have access to APEX? (Must be on an approved leave or an elected official)

Please contact Healthworks

What if I am leaving the county?

Submit any outstanding trade time for fitness program expenses prior to resignation

Program goals and desired outcomes

What are the goals and desired outcomes of the program?

The goals of the program are to:

  • Increase physical activity opportunities for employees and members of their household
  • Eliminate potential cost barriers in purchasing physical activity equipment and/or opportunities
  • Allow the flexibility to use sick or PTO hours in an unconventional manner

The desired outcome is healthier, happier employees and household members. 


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