To resign in good standing:

  • Employees exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) must give a minimum of 28 calendar days notice.
  • Non-exempt employees must give a minimum of 14 calendar days notice.

Your payroll contact can tell you if you are exempt or non-exempt.

The resignation procedure is governed by Human Resources Rule 10.1.

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Resignation procedure

  • Submit any outstanding trade time for fitness program expenses prior to resignation.
  • Request department approval to "run out" of vacation/PTO. Sick leave cannot be "run out."
  • Meet with your payroll contact to specify your last day of work, any vacation/PTO you wish to take, and your resignation date (last day on payroll). If retiring, your last day on payroll is used by PERA to determine your pension payment date and years of service.
  • Complete a resignation notice (PDF) and submit it to your supervisor.
  • If you are age 50 or over and have established your resignation/retirement date, complete the request for benefits continuation eligibility notification form (DOC).

Resignation and PERA

You have two options to choose from when it comes to your PERA contributions. Contact PERA at 651-296-7460 for more information.

You may leave your contributions with PERA and qualify for a pension.

  • If your public service ends after you become vested but before retirement age, you may leave your contributions with PERA and qualify for a deferred pension.
  • Retirement age and details depend on the fund to which you contribute. Contact PERA for more information.

You may request a refund.

  • If you leave public service but do not want to leave your employee contributions in PERA, you may request a refund of with interest from PERA. County contributions are not refundable.
  • Employee contributions are refundable regardless of the number of years paid into PERA. If a refund is taken, interest is paid at 4% compounded annually based on all employee contributions.
  • When you collect a refund of employee contributions, you forfeit all future benefits, such as a pension from PERA.
  • It is solely the employee's responsibility to apply to PERA for this refund. It will not automatically be provided upon termination. Refund application forms are available from departmental payroll contacts. Processing of refunds usually takes about 120 days. Interest will be paid on the balance if the refund is not paid within 120 days.
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